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How to move WordPress to a new host?

Are you considering moving your WordPress site to a new hosting provider? But you are not sure how to tackle this task? Fear not, we can help you with tips & tricks on how to move WordPress to a new host. Check it out.

Why use CDN with WordPress?

Are you considering using a CDN for your WordPress site? Do you wonder if you should? Is it worth it? Well, let’s dive into why use CDM with WordPress. We will explain what a content delivery network is. How does it work? And most importantly how it can benefit your site? Keep reading to find out.

WordPress Staging Site: Why Do You Need It?

WordPress staging site, you have heard this term before, do you wonder what is it exactly? Or why do you need it? What are its uses and benefits? If you own a WordPress site, chances are during support, developers will use a staging site. Check out everything you need to know about a WordPress staging site below.

What is site health check in WordPress?

Have you heard of the term site health check? Do you wonder what it is and what it means for your WordPress site? Well, worry no longer, keep reading to learn what is site health check in WordPress. Moreover, learn ways you can improve site health for your WordPress website.

WordPress is hacked: How to fix it?

Do you suspect that your WordPress site has been hacked? Are you unsure how to check? Or what to do if, in fact, you have a hacked WordPress site? Don’t panic, keep reading to find out how to fix your hacked WordPress website.

6 Reasons a Good WordPress Support Service Will Save You Time & Money

Did you know that a good WordPress Support service will save you time & money? It’s less expensive to pay for support services for a whole year than to rebuild your site from scratch. Also, it’s faster for WordPress developers to handle maintenance than for you or someone on your team to spend that time on the process. Check out 6 reasons WordPress support will save you time and money.

Why is the WordPress site hosting provider so important?

Are you struggling to find the right WordPress site hosting provider? Do you wonder if WordPress site hosting providers are really that important? Does it really matter how much money we spend on hosting services? Can’t I just pick a cheap one? Well, let’s answer all these questions for you. Keep reading.

Is WordPress secure?

A common question we hear is whether WordPress is secure. Is WordPress safe to use for a website? Is WordPress secure enough to handle sensitive information & data? Also how to secure WordPress to prevent hacking. Let’s explore all these quandaries below.

WordPress Myths Explained

WordPress is a popular CMS and because of this, its reputation varies. There are many myths surrounding WordPress. So let’s debunk common WordPress myths to help you understand that WordPress sites are not as bad as people may have you believe. Learn more about what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to WordPress.