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Check out our case study on the website we provided for Tooploox. This custom software development company came to us needing a marketing focused website. We provided them a SEO friendly website with groovy animations and excellent results.

Tooploox mockup

Tooploox is a custom software development company that came to us in need of a website that has a heavy focus on marketing. They wanted to use their website to reach a wider audience and gain more leads. They wanted to gain customers on both ends of the spectrum B2B and B2C.

Furthermore, they wanted to optimize their website to be more highly ranked and search engine-friendly. We were able to provide them with not only groovy features but through the use of WordPress plugins we were able to provide them with more functionality in terms of SEO.

Check out our groovy animations & features for a marketing-focused website

Our customers wanted a website that was better suited for marketing purposes. So we decided to provide them a cool website that has plenty of groovy features ✨ to make it more captivating 👀. We were able to develop such a cool and fun website by providing them with 👉 Figma to WordPress conversion service 👈. Check out the fun features below: 👇

Changing colors of elements on scroll 

We were able to use a plugin to change the color of various elements while scrolling. Some elements that change color include the logo, the header, and the menu. View 👁️ our video for more details and to see this feature in action.

Logos animation slider

When you wander over to the IT services page of this website, you can check out a logo animation slider. You can also view 👁️ this feature via our video.


We also created a contrast feature that can be enabled in the menu section. Providing various contrasts on a website can be useful for users with disabilities. Check it out below.👇

Fixed Scroll Section – Animation

Another awesome animation that we were able to provide our customer is scrolling text and changing images. The images change color, style, and shape. Learn more below: 👇

Drag SVG

Another cool feature is the animated arrow that is drawn when users reach the footer. This arrow is used to draw the user’s attention to the call-to-action button below. Check it out. 👇

SEO-friendly website challenges

Our IT experts had a couple of challenges during the creation of this website, but they were able to create fantastic features and solutions.

Custom Cursor

Another cool feature that was time-consuming for our developers, is the custom cursor. It looks incredible because it has extra text to encourage users to take certain actions. Furthermore, the custom cursor has a bounce, which is just fun. 💥

Teamtailor API & careers section

Teamtailor API has limitations on the number of queries. In the case of larger amounts, an error would appear, which made it impossible to fully synchronize the list of job offers. So, instead of downloading all job offers with details at once, we implemented a queue. So every 2 hours a list of job offers is downloaded and added to the queue. Then, every 2 minutes, the details of the job offers are downloaded one after the other. Thanks to this, we extend the number of inquiries over time and avoid limitations.

Website performance & speed results for marketing-focused website

If you have been following our projects for a while, then you know that one of our beacons is ultra-fast websites and has amazing website performance. For this project, it was especially important not only to us but to our customers.

Previous website performance results

Their previous website was not optimized well in terms of SEO, performance, and page speed. Check out their old results 👇

Tooploox previous website PageSpeed Insights results - mobile
Tooploox previous website PageSpeed Insights results – mobile
Tooploox previous website PageSpeed Insights results - desktop
Tooploox previous website PageSpeed Insights results – desktop
Tooploox - Pingdom Results - old website
Tooploox – Pingdom Results – old website
Tooploox - GTmetrix Results - old website
Tooploox – GTmetrix Results – old website

New WordPress site with better web performance

In order to improve web performance and give them a truly marketing oriented website, we implemented our proven SEO strategy. Firstly, we were able to achieve these incredible results by only using must-have plugins. Secondly, by minifying all possible elements such as media files, JavaScript files, etc. Also, we placed a huge emphasis on developing a website with the mobile-first mentality in mind. Google loves websites that are mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. You are able to achieve better results and a higher ranking this way. Additionally, we used the best WordPress server we know, which is Cloudways, check out it 👉 here 👈

PageSpeed Insights mobile results
PageSpeed Insights mobile results
PageSpeed Insights desktop results
PageSpeed Insights desktop results
Pingdom website speed test results
Pingdom website speed test results
GTmetrix results

Summary of SEO-friendly website

This project is filled to the brim with cool and groovy features. It makes the website look interesting, fun, and modern. Our IT developers enjoyed developing this project for our customers. Some of our personal favorite features include the fixed scroll section animation, drag SVG, and many more.

We were also able to overcome challenges in this project, such as the custom cursor and the careers section. The custom cursor may have been time-consuming, but it was totally worth it. We were also able to find a solution to the limitations of the Teamtailor API, by synchronizing job offer details every 2 minutes, while downloading a full list of offers every 2 hours.

If you want your own marketing-focused website, head over to our 👉 contact page 👈 and book a free consultation.

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