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What is staff augmentation & body leasing?

Staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing. This is a strategy that allows you to fill roles in projects on a contract basis.

At Acclaim, we offer more than just business to client projects. We also hire out our talented developers to work for our partners and customers.

We can provide IT staffing services that are professional, speedy and flexible to fulfill the roles that would otherwise be empty.

If you are in need of an IT specialist, you can hire one from us.

To start this process, you need to evaluate your current team and decide what skills you are missing, in order to complete your project.

Once you have completed this evaluation, we can hire out our talented developers to fill those roles.

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Short term staff augmentation

Short term body leasing is usually when you are looking to fill a position for a few weeks or a couple of months. This is typically a project that does not require more than 4 to 6 months of work.

Some common situations where your business may require short term body leasing:

Specfic skills

Specific Skills

You have one specific project in mind, that requires a specific skill set in order to complete the task. Furthermore, it is unlikely, that you will need these skills in other projects.

Business growth

Busy Season

Perhaps, your business is having a busy season, and you just need more employees for the time being to complete the work. For example, you know that your company has the most work in May and June. You are always short-staffed during this time. You may want to consider a short term body leasing to fulfill that temporary shortage and busy period.

Short staffed

Short Staffed

Short term staff augmentation is also a great option if your employee is on vacation, sick leave or maternity leave. This is an excellent option to fill that gap and have your project completed on time.

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Long term staff augmentation

Long term staff augmentation is, generally, any project that requires more than 6 months work.

Long term IT staff augmentation is a great option when:

Key roles

Key Roles

The role you are looking for, is very specific and niche, that a regular recruitment process would take for too long. Long term body leasing is an excellent solution when you have an urgent matter and are missing bodies to fill key roles.

Maintain business growth

Business Growth

When you have an employee shortage, that prevents you from growing your business and proceeding with various projects. Our long term staff augmentation can provide you with IT specialists, who can work on multiple projects.

Affordable hiring rates

Affordable Hiring

If the job position you are looking to fill, is very expensive. Staff augmentation & body leasing can be a less expensive and more convenient option.

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When is staff augmentation right for my business?

Here are a few times that you should choose staff augmentation for your business.

  1. You are working on a project that needs certain skills, that you do not have in your full time team.
  2. Your project is complex and time-consuming. You may need 4, 5 or 6 IT specialists or developers to get this project done. Additionally, you may be under a time constraint.
  3. You know you want to outsource this project, but at the same time you want to have control. Our developers work directly with you. There is no third party communication with regard to the project.
Body leasing & staff augmentation model

What does hiring our IT team & tech talent look like?

The process of hiring our highly qualified and talented team of IT specialists is similar to the team augmentation model. Based on this staff augmentation model, we help fill your staffing needs. Our co-operation & staff augmentation process looks like this:

1 First

Resource Requirements

The first thing you want to do is create an evaluation to determine what IT skills you are missing in your current team. Once you have this information.

You reach out to us with information about what type of It specialist or developer you need. If you are unsure of the exact role, provide us with a description of the skills that you are looking for. Provide us, with the skill set that you require. Based on that skill set, we will look, within our team of developers, for people who match these needs. Furthermore, we will present your project to matching IT candidates, to see who is available to take on such a task.

2 Second

Resource fulfillment

Based on the information we received from you, we will provide you a short list of candidates. For each candidate, you will receive a blind CV, to review. Based on these blind CV’s, pick your top 3 and get back to us with the experts of your choosing.


3 Third

Resource Interview

Based on your choices, we will schedule interviews for you and candidates to meet via video chat. You will carry out interviews with the IT specialists you have selected. After the video chat, if you require for our developer to carry out some code test, we are more than happy to facilitate that for you. If not, you tell us which developer, you would like to co-operate with for your project.

4 Fourth

Resource onboarding

Based on the agreed start date, you welcome our developer onto your team. During the phase of co-operation, both parties communicate and provide feedback on a weekly or monthly basis. Our developer is available to you based on the terms and conditions agreed on during the fulfillment process.

5 Fifth

Resource off boarding

Once your project is completed, you provide final approval and feedback to our IT specialists and our Project Management team here at Acclaim. After final approval is given, our IT specialist is able to carry on with other projects. On the other hand, if you need more staff augmentation, we are always available for further co-operation. 

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Specialists in various tech solutions

We recognize that our clients want software solutions that work for years to come without going obsolete, and that’s why our IT talent uses only the latest, most reliable tools and technologies out there to create websites & e-commerce stores.

The technologies our development team uses include Javascript, and surrounding technologies such as React, NextJs, React Native, Graphql, Jamstack, and Nodejs. We also use databases such as firebase / mongodb. We also use static site generators such as Gatsby. Some headless CMS options that our augmented staff use, include contentful, strapi, primisic, story blok and sanity.

Our goal is to convert your theme into a responsive website that uses the latest technology.

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What are the benefits of staff augmentation services

There are a number of benefits in taking advantage of our staff augmentation services. Some of them include:

Save Money

Saves you money

Let’s be honest, hiring an entire team to complete one project for a certain time period can be expensive. The same holds true for using existing resources on a new project, when they are already swamped with our responsibilities. Staff augmentation, allows you to hire experts in the IT field at a lower cost.

You save money because you do not have to worry about paying someone a full time salary, paying benefits and any other costs associated with hiring an employee. You only pay our agreed upon rate.


Hire IT talent based on a specific skill set

When you have a short term project, you are able to hire staff that specializes in that particular skill set. You do not necessarily have to hire someone who has multiple different skills, like you would when hiring someone full time.

This allows you to be picky with your options, while not blowing your hiring budget.

quicker business growth

You can grow your business quicker

Hiring experts, on a staff augmentation basis, allows you to grow your business much faster than traditional hiring. You can develop and expand various aspects of your company without endless recruitment processes, money spending and stress.

You tell us what skills you are looking for, and we will provide you with the right expert for the agreed upon length of time.

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Still retain control over your company

Some may think that by using staff augmentation, they lose control. This is the furthest from the truth. Staff augmentation gives you control over skills, experience, etc. over your impermanent staff, just like you would have over full time hires.

You are able to better monitor development, and you are also provided with constant feedback from our side.

Hiring flexibility - different profiles icon

Hiring flexibility

Staff augmentation gives you the flexibility to hire new team members for longer or shorter periods of time. Team augmentation helps you avoid costly hiring decisions, economic woes, and it will improve the retention of your current full time employees. Staff augmentation allows you to pick some of the best IT specialists on flexible terms.

These flexible terms may even be that developers work at different hours of the day than your full time staff. Additionally, flexible terms may mean that our developers only work during your busiest seasons.

Make Clients Happy

You are offered an outsider’s perspective on the project

Hiring someone based on body leasing or staff augmentation gives you valuable outsider perspective. Our IT specialists, may provide you with skills, experience and perspective that you may not have had access to up until now. We are big on communication and feedback.

We persuade our IT specialists to offer as much of their expertise and perspective as possible to their new project. This can change the dynamics of your organization and give you more ideas of how to further expand your business.

Body leasing vs. outsourcing

What is the difference between body leasing & outsourcing?

So you may be wondering what the difference is between body leasing and outsourcing, let us explain.

Generally speaking, body leasing is the ability to hire a single IT developer to join your team for a period of time in order to complete a specific project. While, outsourcing when it comes to the IT industry, is usually hiring a whole company to do all the work.

When you co-operate on a body leasing basis, you typically have your own employees working alongside one of our developers. Whereas, with outsourcing, you would not use any of your own staff to complete the task. You would hire our entire company to complete a project from start to finish, without any physical tasks being your responsibility.


Frequently asked questions about staff augmentation

Yes, staff augmentation and team augmentation mean the same thing. Generally, these terms are used interchangeably and based on personal preference.

Staff augmentation, in our opinion, is the better choice because it gives you more flexibility. When you hire developers from us, you still remain in control of the project. You have control over how and when things are done. Furthermore, you have control over the communication process within the team. Additionally, you have control over the tools, resources etc. that you are able to allocate to the project.

Some companies may fear using staff augmentation services due to internal team member anxiety. It is important to remind full time employees that staff added via the augmentation process are an extension of the current staff. These skilled hires are not meant to replace full time employees.

Staff augmentation can help you find a balance between hiring needs and your budget. If you have periods of time in your business that you are particularly short-staffed, you can use staff augmentation to remedy this issue. Furthermore, if you have a strict budget it terms of hiring full time employees, then again staff augmentation is a great solution. Staff augmentation gives you the opportunity to start and finish certain projects without a big hassle.

The biggest difference between an augmented team and outsourced services, is the management process. When using augmented staff, your in house project manager dictates the way a project is run. The developer or development team carries out the project via your company’s policy. Additionally, the dedicated team works within your company culture. Whereas, when you are using project outsourcing, project implementation is run by a third party. The third party being the outsourcing vendor. The outsourcing vendor runs the development process from beginning to end, taking away your control.

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