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Why is UI Important?

The user interface (UI) refers to the part of the website the user sees and interacts with. The UI has nothing to do with the functionality of a website, you can create an amazing algorithm that solves many clients’ problems, but an attractive UI isn’t necessary for it to function.

That’s the major reason why businessmen (who tend to be practically minded) don’t think the UI is an important aspect of their project. The thing is, every business study shows that it is extremely vital.

The average internet user spends 5 seconds on a website before deciding whether to go back to the search engine or continue reading. 5 seconds isn’t enough to read the content on your page, it is only enough to have a cursory glance over it.

That means the main reason an average internet user decides whether to stay on a website or not is the design. If you want your business website to be successful, you absolutely need to implement an attractive and unique UI.

Difference between UI and UX

Why is UX Necessary?

You might’ve heard about UX in relation to UI, and some technology outlets confuse the two terms, but the difference between them is stark.

UX stands for User Experience, it has nothing to do with the minor stylistic aspects of the website, but rather, with the experience of the user navigating your website.

A good UX design takes every element of the interface into consideration:

  • The informal conventions of style & place of the buttons, images, and videos in intuitive places
  • How the user navigates your website naturally without getting frustrated and having a hard time finding what they are looking for.

Hire professional team who cares about good UX

If you want your customers to stay interested in your website, products, and services, you need to hire a team that has experience creating good UX, and it just so happens we are one such company!

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How do we approach a project?

Thanks to more than 14 years of experience working on a multitude of projects, we’ve been able to come up with a methodological approach to projects that will guarantee you’ll get what you want on time:

1 First

Investigation and Quote

The first thing is to establish a mutual understanding. When you approach us with a project, we’ll take a look at what you want and how you want it. Before we start designing, we’ll ask you about points of contention and ensure we understand what you exactly want.

2 Second


We then use the latest technologies to create a design with vibrant colours, an intuitive structure, and an attractive layout.

3 Third


We’ll deliver the project and wait for your feedback on it. We consider the project done when we know you’re happy with it.

Track Progress

Do you want to know what we are up to?

We believe that our clients should be as involved as they desire in their project. That’s why we’ve taken steps to ensure our work is completely transparent:



We send an InVision link to our clients. It’s a service where our clients can directly monitor our progress and suggest improvements and edits in real time while we are working on the project.

This way, we ensure that our clients only get designs that they are 100% satisfied with.


Frequently asked questions about UI/UX Web Design

We calculate the cost of the project based on the complexity and the time it’d take. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your project, learn all about it, and then give you an accurate quote. It’s completely free, so don’t hesitate!

We offer backend and frontend services. If you love our design and you want to entrust us with the backend too, we’ll be more than happy to take your project on.

We hate generic designs, and that’s why we’d love it if you could provide us with some relevant information on your website when you decide to contact us. This way we make sure your design is unique and appropriate for your needs.

  • We need to know the specific category of your website: a design for a lifestyle website will be different from a design for a website focused on technology.
  • What is your target: whether you want the website to be a personal journal, an informative news-related website, or a front for selling your products and services. These all require different UX approaches.
  • It’s always good to know who your competitors are – telling us about your competitors and your inspirations will help us learn what you want, and we’ll make sure your design is better than theirs.

Internet users are deluged with ads and sales pitches, and if you want to grab people’s attention and increase your user base, you need to have a professionally designed website. A clunky design will drive users away, and your business will lose a lot of money in the long run.

Estimation of your project

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