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How to optimize your WordPress site for mobile devices

Having a WordPress site optimized for mobile devices has become standard. It’s no longer optional, giving the number of people who solely rely on their phones to access websites. Check out our guide how to optimize your WordPress site for mobile devices.

Why is a backup for your WordPress site crucial?

Are you wondering if a backup for your WordPress site is important? Is it really worth the time and the money? How is having a website backup really going to save me long-term? Are there any benefits? Let’s dive into all that below.

Comparing WordPress Security Plugins and Why we choose WordFence

WordPress security is crucial if you want a long-living website. There are many things that you can do to boost WordPress security. The top among them is to use WordPress security plugins to protect your site. But you may wonder which option to choose. Well join us and figure out which security plugin to install on your WordPress site.

Why is WordPress the right CMS for startups?

As a startup owner, you may not even be aware that WordPress is the best CMS for your website. WordPress websites are versatile and suitable for all industry types. It is easy to use and has intuitive user-friendly CMS. Check out more reasons why is WordPress the right CMS for startups below.

How to move WordPress to a new host?

Are you considering moving your WordPress site to a new hosting provider? But you are not sure how to tackle this task? Fear not, we can help you with tips & tricks on how to move WordPress to a new host. Check it out.

Why use CDN with WordPress?

Are you considering using a CDN for your WordPress site? Do you wonder if you should? Is it worth it? Well, let’s dive into why use CDM with WordPress. We will explain what a content delivery network is. How does it work? And most importantly how it can benefit your site? Keep reading to find out.

WordPress Staging Site: Why Do You Need It?

WordPress staging site, you have heard this term before, do you wonder what is it exactly? Or why do you need it? What are its uses and benefits? If you own a WordPress site, chances are during support, developers will use a staging site. Check out everything you need to know about a WordPress staging site below.

What is site health check in WordPress?

Have you heard of the term site health check? Do you wonder what it is and what it means for your WordPress site? Well, worry no longer, keep reading to learn what is site health check in WordPress. Moreover, learn ways you can improve site health for your WordPress website.

WordPress is hacked: How to fix it?

Do you suspect that your WordPress site has been hacked? Are you unsure how to check? Or what to do if, in fact, you have a hacked WordPress site? Don’t panic, keep reading to find out how to fix your hacked WordPress website.