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Our core services

Fast as hell Jamstack & WordPress websites and E-commerce stores

Do you want to have ultra-fast loading website or E-commerce store which will help you stay ahead of the competition? Do you want to have traditional CMS like WordPress built in PHP or maybe you’re keen to have Headless CMS based on the Front-End and REST APIs? You’ll be able to extend the reach of your business with our expertly crafted services.


JAMStack websites and web applications

JAM Stack architecture refers to the genesis of websites. Thanks to simplicity they allow to serve your clients websites faster than ever, at the same time giving possibility to implement the most complex functions and integrations than ever.

Websites based on JAMStack are safe and totally not susceptible to hacking attacks, they are fast because in the DNS server we keep only the output files of HTML, CSS, JS.

We build websites using battle-tested static site generators like Gatsby, Next.JS, Hugo, Nunjucks and headless CMSs like Storyblok, Contentful, Sanity, WordPress, on platforms such as Vercel, Netlify or Heroku.

The biggest advantages of JAMStack

  • Excellent performance
  • High efficiency
  • SEO Advantage
  • Resistance to hacking attacks and programmer mistakes
  • No-sweat content management
  • Reliable uptime & lower costs
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Frequently asked questions about JAMStack services

Jamstack websites are static and thanks to this they load much faster than dynamic websites based on e.g. WordPress. Google robots index static pages much better because they simply have less work to do.

Maintenance of a JAMStack website is definitely cheaper because we do not have to pay for the memory that is used by PHP for calculations.

Deploy direct to DNS to replace production servers, staging servers, deployment systems, and CDN caching. A static site does not require any computing power because it is already generated by a static site generator, the task of hosting is only to serve the files.

Generally, we are able to achieve 10x faster loading speed than the traditional model using, for example WordPress.

We have a lot of solutions on the market today. Officially it is around 330 generators.

The most popular in our opinion are Next.JS and Gatsby, which have a huge community and therefore support.

A server is not just hosting where we keep the website files. Nowadays, much more is required from a server, in the JamStack architecture, a server is required to be a developer tool that organizes the workflow of working on the site.

Our most recommended servers are of course cloud solutions, which are currently the fastest and here we can recommend solutions such as Github Pages, Netlify, Vercel

If your website is a blog or a business card, as well as a marketing website you should definitely consider implementing it according to the JAMStack architecture. You will save a lot of time, gain ease of scaling and security.

If you want to create a web application, it is possible that JAMStack will not be a good solution.


WordPress development tailored to your needs

If you’re looking for a high-end WordPress services you’re in the right place! We’re able to develop for you fully optimized, responsive and cross-browser working website which will be fully editable in the WordPress CMS. Those are our most popular conversion services based on design apps available on the market:

Everything will be based on Gutenberg Blocks, so the entire layout will be very flexible and easy to use in terms of edit the content in the WordPress Admin Panel.

We’re not the cheapest option but choosing us means that the project will be build on great principles, and highest standards. We create turbo fast, based on SEO principles websites which achieves great scores in GTMetrix and Google Page Speed. Moreover, most of our websites load in less than a second!

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Frequently asked questions about WordPress services

We hate predefined themes because of their bad quality. They’re overloaded by tons of the plugins. Usability of Panel Admin is low. Quality of the code in most of the cases is really bad which is resulting into bad scores in GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed.

That’s why we build all of the projects based on our own starter theme called Crunch. It’s been developing by our team since 2015. Thanks to the entire set-up which includes Webpack, Bootstrap 5, JavaScript in ES6 syntax and Gutenberg Blocks we’re able to prepare great looking websites with a clean code, intuitive Admin Panel and gorgeous scores in GTmetrix, Google Page Speed and Pingdom Test Tool.

Elementor is a great editor for the websites based on the predefined themes with tons of the options. Moreover, because of it’s availabilities it has a bad impact on the optimization of the WordPress Admin Panel.

We create bespoke websites with tailored solutions, that’s why we use native content editor of WordPress: Gutenberg. We use that in combination with Advanced Custom Fields premium plugin. This set-up allows us to create for the final user database with all of the sections which exist in the design. User is able to use those sections and easily create and edit subpages on the entire website. Moreover, Gutenberg includes many default blocks which help to edit the content like headlines, bullet points, videos embeding etc.

We understand that large number of plugins has bad impact on the performance and safety of the WordPress installation that’s why we use as low number of the plugins as it is possible. However, in many cases we don’t reinvent the wheel and don’t lose money of our customers by writing everything from scratch.

We use only plugins which have good opinions and at least tens of thousands numbers of downloads. We love to work with some premium plugins like Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms, WP Rocket, WPML etc.

Average number of the plugins in our custom project is around 10-15 plugins.

WordPress is a safe solution if you regularly take care of that. WordPress community developers make really frequent updates of WordPress core which include security fixes as well. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that WordPress core and all of the plugins are up to date. The thing is that during that kind of update it’s pretty easy to break the website, because the updates might affect the design or functionalities on the site.

That’s why we’re able to help you with that by taking care of the cyclic maintenance and support based on our packages. Within this package we add additional security rules in the code. However, our code by default is written with the best practices to reduce vulnerability to attacks.


UI/UX Web Design

We are proud to have our very own creative team that regularly designs breathtaking websites for our clients. If you don’t have your own design or want to create a web design for your client, don’t worry, we can take care of your project from A to Z.

You only need to tell us about the project’s requirements, business goals, and preferred approach, and our Software House will make sure we create a web design that is intuitive to use and fully responsive. Our team will create an amazing web design for you which will be the face of the dedicated business!

Create Web Design
UI/UX Web Design

The technologies we use

Our Software House prides itself in using the latest technologies and best practices out of the web development world, to create robust and efficient websites.

Our technology stack includes the latest WordPress version, Bootstrap 5, Responsive Web Design, SCSS with BEM, JS ES6+, Vue JS, React JS, Webpack, PHP7, MySQL and WooCommerce among many others.

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Technologies that we use
Recent Projects

High-quality custom-made websites we made recently for our clients

We’ve worked with agencies all over the world creating websites with the latest technologies and techniques – as evident by the testimonials. We make sure our clients are happy and satisfied with our services.

Monte Carlo Data

  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Desktop) 97/100 🚀

Monte Carlo Data offers its customers end-to-end data observability. It allows companies to see when their data breaks and when to fix it. The data teams are able to solve any issues while you sleep peacefully at night. Moreover, they help prevent data downtimes.

They came to us for WordPress site support & maintenance services. As part of these services, we added some new features and functionalities to improve the user experience. Our developers added hovers, anchors, and buttons. This will help attract user attention and make it easier for them to navigate the site. Moreover, they cleaned up the contact form, getting rid of errors that pop up. Additionally, our developers improved site performance by 200% while bettering page loading time making it 5 times faster.


  • Load time 0.5s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 98/100 🚀

Endgame changes the way we sell software. This company sole focus is on product-led sales. They are keeping up with the times. They are aware that company owners and executives are not the only ones trying to buy software. Most software is provided to the user on a free trial basis. During this free trial the user can determine whether they want to buy the software.

One challenge that we tackled with this project is adjusting the content editing options to make them as intuitive and modular as possible. Another key issue that we were able to resolve was page speed optimization. Meanwhile, some key features of this project include static files, a user-friendly image editor and finally, a dynamic site map.

Rich Day Group

  • Load time 0.4s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 98/100 🚀

The Rich Day Group is a real estate investment company based in the United States. They invest in both residential and commercial real estate that aims to provide comfortable luxury for residence. The WordPress website we created reflects the same luxury and high quality.

We were able to tackle the challenge of creating an investor’s panel in this project. Additionally, we added two key animations in keeping with the overall feel of the website. The first animation being the counter, and the second is using Modals to portray an image behind a logo. Moreover, Modals enabled us to make each image a pop-up box. Each pop-up box contained more information about any given property.

Onshore Outsourcing

  • Load time 0.2s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 100 / 100 🚀

Onshore Outsourcing works in the outsourcing industry. They specialize in staff augmentation, this includes fully outsourced IT managed services teams. They are very effective in their work, and we wanted to create a website that would be the same. In this project, we were able to achieve fantastic results, thus providing them with a highly optimized website.

However, one of the biggest challenges when it came to creating this website was providing solutions that were WCAG accessible. There website needed to be user-friendly for all. We managed to achieve this by creating some of the following solutions. We added a function that converts text to audio. Additionally, we added more descriptive links for people who use readers, to better understand elements like “read more”.

Elium Health

  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 99 / 100 🚀

Elium Health provides psychiatric care for its customers either in the office or via teletherapy. It offers a wide range of treatments and therapies. Some of the therapies that they offer include individual counselling, marriage counselling, medication management, ketamine therapy, ADHD testing and much more.

We provided Elium Health an ultra-fast WordPress website that loads in less than one second. This website has many key features and animations. Some of these features include scrolling text, a slider, a disappearing header, and so much more. We did not have major challenges with this project, more cosmetic details such as embedding Google Maps via an API.


  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 100/100 🚀

Forethought is working on human-centered AI to move customer service to higher level. Their website needed to reflect high standards and future-based approach.

The biggest challenge was to create website with many animations and in the same time keep high scores. We manage to do it and the website is not only beautiful but also has passed all scores as well Google Page Speed and GTMetrix. Beside animations Forethought website has many blocks and sections with over sixteen dedicated hero sections. With ability to edit and reorder sections we’ve built huge website which is fully customizable. Moreover managing the website is easy and enjoyable.


  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Desktop) 100/100 🚀

Brave marketing website for a marketing agency. Based on the delivered designs we have developed Front-End code and integrated that with WordPress CMS.

We’re proud of the animations which have been created by our team, especially on the About us subpage. Moreover, we really cared to make sure that the entire website will have gorgeous scores, and we did it!


  • Load time 0.9s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (99%) 🚀

Our WordPress Agency created a brand new website for SUSO from A to Z. The brief was to create a unique design, with animation elements, without deviating too far away from clean B2B website design. The objective was to represent a fun, intelligent, technical, motivated company in an original way, unlike anything else seen from an SEO brand.


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