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Check out our case study on the website, we provided for, Rich Day Group. In our case study we provide key features, challenges & solutions along with website optimization result achievements.

Rich day group mock up 2 times faster websites

The Rich Day Group invests in residential and commercial real estate. They deliver high quality real estate throughout the United States. The Rich Day Group has over 30 years of experience in providing comfortable and luxurious homes, offices and other buildings.

We provided the Rich Day Group with a new WordPress website that is rich in content and is optimized in performance. The Rich Day Group website is a reflection of luxury, simplicity and high quality.

Page Speed test results & website performance optimization

Page speed and website optimization is our beacon and something we want to ensure for every website. When it comes to the Rich Day Group, we achieved excellent page speed scores across all platforms.

Rich Day Group, before they came to us, they had a very simple webpage. Their previous website had one image, minimal content and a few links. In terms of website optimization and page speed, their results were not bad. However, these results could have been due to a minimal website.

Page speed results prior to new WordPress site & before site optimization

Pingdom website speed test results
Pingdom website speed test results
GTmetrix website performance results
GTmetrix website performance results
Desktop PageSpeed Insights
Desktop PageSpeed Insights Results
Mobile PageSpeed Insight
Mobile PageSpeed Insight Results

WordPress website with improved Page Speed Performance

Our team created a 👉 new WordPress website 👈 for Rich Day Group that involved more images, more links, and more online content. We were able to improve website performance optimization across various platforms.

We improved results on Google page speed insights and Pingdom website speed results. An important aspect we were able to achieve is excellent website performance optimization without sacrificing content & complexity.

Pingdom website speed test results
Pingdom website speed test results
Desktop PageSpeed test results
Desktop PageSpeed test results
Mobile PageSpeed test results
Mobile PageSpeed test results
GTmetrix website performance results
GTmetrix website performance results

What are some key features of this new WordPress website?

Some key features that our developers built into this website include:

Number counter feature

Number counter gif
Number counter feature

This number counter feature allows Rich Day Group to share their accomplishments & experience with their existing and potential clients. Furthermore, this feature proves their expert status on the market.

CSS hover effect

We used the CSS hover effect in order to show an image behind a logo. The user only needs to hover over a given logo, to reveal the property image behind it.

CSS hover effect gif
CSS hover effect gif

Modals – Bootstrap JavaScript plugin

Modals are most commonly used on websites for pop-ups. Additionally, the user can click on any one of these images to open up a pop-up box which has more information. This is an interesting way to provide the user with more content without the webpage being overloaded with text.

Modal Bootstrap Popup
Modal Bootstrap Popup

What were some of our challenges when building the Rich Day Group website?

Challenge: Creating the investor’s panel

The Rich Day Group wanted a panel where their customers could log in and have access to specific projects, documents and reports.

Creating Investors panel on WordPress site

How did we achieve this?

First, we created a Login or sign up page on the website. Each Rich Day Group customer can sign up for access to real estate reports. Rich Day Group is provided with authority to accept or reject someone’s ability to access this type of information. Once the customer is given access, they are re-directed to sign in via the “Investors” tab.


Once the customer has created an account using the installed Plug-in Ultimate Members, they are given access to reports on real estate properties. It is important to note that each customer, based on the account they have created, may have access to more or less reports.

We were able to generate a list of real estate properties by creating specific categories. Each report that is available in the panel is assigned to the appropriate category.

Our team of developers added the title, the date along with the downloadable PDF file, using ACF.

What benefits does a new WordPress website bring to a real estate investment company?

There are a few benefits of having a website if you are a real estate investment company, some of them include:

Increases credibility

Most customers, when looking for a real estate investment company, tend to lean towards the ones that have websites. It allows them to see that the company has similar projects and is actively participating on the market.

Furthermore, it can provide information as to how long a company has been on the market and what individuals have to say about this brand in particular.

Customers expect real estate investment companies to have an online presence

Unlike, other brands, customers have this expectation that real estate investors have websites. Real estate investment companies, that have a website, have more access to analytical information that they can use in the future to build their brand.

A website will provide them with information such as: how customers got to their websites, what device they used, and where they went after they left the site. Real estate investment companies, with a website, have access to much more information, which gives them much more control over the progression of their company.

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