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Go to the moon with your WordPress website! Do you need a bespoke WordPress website, Headless WordPress CMS implementation, or a custom WordPress plugin? We offer these and many more WordPress development services

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Custom WordPress development services

When we think about websites, we think about WordPress. It’s legit and easy to use.

The availability of an array of customizable theme designs and fully-integrated plugins is only the reason it can be regarded as one of the most efficient content management tool.

WordPress is a highly useful, open source website & content management system built in PHP. It is also crucial to use JavaScript and CSS to use the full potential of this website platform.

WordPress’ websites do require some technical skills at the beginning to be set up properly. While the CMS system can be considered user-friendly, it is best to get an expert WordPress developers help.

The WordPress platform is simple to understand and adaptable to meet a wide range of content management demands, including:

  • news,
  • blogs,
  • events calendar,
  • media management,
  • and the general content.

Today it is considered as one of the most efficient web development tool for delivering innovative new and modern tools in the development of blogs and websites. WordPress remains a widely accepted platform that revolutionized blogging content management.


WordPress developers

Why is WordPress website development the right solution for your business?

WordPress is a leading web content management system that is designed to meet your business goals as well as personal requirements and helps you develop flexible solutions.

Our WordPress website development services are designed to provide the perfect combination of quality website development services and attractive prices.

Our WordPress developers understand the importance of a fast and great performing website. Throughout the years, we have used various coding languages, frameworks, and tools to meet the project specifications provided by our customers.

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Expert wordpress developers

Benefits of WordPress development services

WordPress is a CMS platform that powers a great deal of the websites in web development. WordPress is easily accessible and can easily adapt for various content management needs, such as blog and media content, event calendars, media management and other pages.

Here are some other major benefits of WordPress website development:

Search engine optimization

Search engines optimization

A key aspect to any website is search engine optimization. Our developers have a dedicated checklist to ensure that your WordPress website is optimized for search engines such as Google.

Additionally, WordPress offers many SEO plugins such as YOAST. This plugin is great to set up keywords, a page title, meta description and social media information. It is a high value plugin that is available in two versions.

Another key aspect when it comes to search engine optimization is Schema. Schema is sometimes referred to as structured data and this helps Google better understand your content. So when your webpage shows up in search results, it fits in when with other websites.

Learn more about 👉 SEO optimization 👈

Faster web development process

Great website performance

Our WordPress websites offer great website performance with high results on PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom and GTmetrix. We ensure that the websites are highly optimized and load quickly not only on your desktop but also on mobile devices.

Additionally, our websites have great Core Web Vitals. The rate high in performance, responsiveness and visual stability. All three of these factors are pillars for how Google rates page experience.

Check out our case study about a 👉 highly optimized website 👈

WordPress plugins management

WordPress plugins management

Our team of IT experts can provide you with custom plugins to meet your needs and specifications. Furthermore, the WordPress plugin library contains many free and paid plugins. When we implement WordPress plugins onto your site, we are always looking for the newest version of any plugin. We do this mainly to protect the security and integrity of your site. Also, we do this, to ensure that your WordPress project runs smoothly. Out of date plugins can lead to a vast variety of problems.

Our web developers have a list of top WordPress plugins required to have a fast-loading, optimized and modern website. Lastly, we use our list of top-notch plugins to make your website great while still maintaining security.

Furthermore, our team of IT experts offer 👉 WordPress support 👈 in terms of plugins. You can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, monthly WordPress plugin updates to make sure that your plugins operate smoothly.

Check out our list of our top 👉 WordPress plugins 👈

Customisation and responsive design

Customization and responsive design

Having your website developed on WordPress is a great solution because it provides great content management options. Furthermore, these websites are known for offering a responsive design, which is key to the success of any website.

We can make your WordPress’ project easy to navigate from your mobile, if that is part of your specification. Additionally, we set up WordPress CMS in such a way to give you the power to optimize your site in any way you wish.

Our WordPress developers work together as a team to bring your website design to life using their coding skills. Our experts are able to develop a website that is pixel perfect and matches the design you provided us with from the designer.


Our WordPress development services

High-quality, bug-free, custom-made WordPress websites – no compromise

Our dynamic websites and eCommerce platforms work on any browser and device. You’ll be able to extend the reach of your business with our expertly crafted websites.


Headless WordPress

WordPress is available in two variants. The first is the traditional WordPress content management system that we all know and are used too. The second is WordPress as a Headless CMS. You may be wondering what a Headless CMS brings and what makes it unique. Let us explain. Headless CMS decouples the front end from the backend, which in terms of WordPress means not using PHP.

  • Using a headless WordPress, you can still rely on the ecosystem that you would have with a traditional version. However, it is important to remember that not all plugins may be compatible with a Headless CMS. Do not let this scare you though, our WordPress developers work with you and with enough forethought can provide you with a functional website.
  • Using Headless WordPress, you can still work with technology you are comfortable with while gaining loads of benefits. For example, you are able to use frameworks such as Next.js or Gatsby. This allows for better developer experience and a more modern UX interface. Your website will be future-proof, thanks to a headless CMS system.
  • Our WordPress developers while working with a Headless CMS system are still able to use a lot of their favorite technology. Developers can still use well known APIs. When it comes to WordPress, this is typically REST API. As opposed to using niche solutions that they may have to learn first in order to implement.
  • Some key advantages of using Headless WordPress include very flexible use of REST API and GraphQL. It offers a friendly and polished user interface. If you have Advanced Custom Fields you can transition to a Headless WordPress with easy.
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Frequently asked questions about Headless WordPress

Headless WordPress is similar to any other headless CMS system.

This system separates your content from the visual appearance of your website.

Using Headless WordPress gives you the freedom to better fit your content to any given platform.

For example, you can display valuable content on a desktop site entirely differently, than you would a mobile app.

Check out our blog for more info about 👉 Headless CMS 👈

Most Headless CMS works similarly, your content has been separated from the presentation aspect will be delivered via an API to where it needs to go.

So for example, if your content needs to be displayed on a mobile phone with a Google Chrome browser, that is where it will end up.

Learn more about 👉 how Headless CMS works 👈

There are a number of reasons why you should use Headless WP for your website or online shop. The biggest two advantages are:

  • Better page speed performance is possible with Headless CMS because you are minimizing the workflow. You separated the content storage system from its rendering. Your content is displayed in any place you need and in any form you need, without connect to the database. Your content get’s delivered to the website user via a REST API.
  • Headless CMS provides increased security because your content is separated from the visual aspect. Your content is usually delivered to the user via an API. Moreover, content is not accessed from a database. This greatly diminishes the chances of hacking.

Headless WordPress offers you the same ecosystem that a traditional WordPress would deliver. However, it does have a few key differences, such as:

  • Headless CMS does not limit our ability to modify, customize, update etc. our content. This system gives us endless possibilities. You can do this because your content is separate from your presentation. You are not limited in terms of frameworks or plugins. Moreover, a headless CMS can be used to help present the same content on different channels. For example, you can use your content on your WordPress site, online shop and mobile app.
  • Headless WordPress will handle website or online shop growth better than your traditional system.
  • Headless WordPress websites perform better than those built on a traditional WordPress. This is because they are cut off from the database. Your content is delivered and generated using an API. This process usually takes less than two seconds because it does not have to wait for server or database response.


Bespoke WordPress Themes

We are able to code for you a bespoke WordPress theme that was created by your website designer. Our team of highly skilled developers can build your website based on the specifications included in your bespoke theme. We do not use any pre-made themes or visual composers to implement your bespoke WordPress theme. We apply your bespoke WordPress theme using JavaScript code, HTML & CSS.

  • Some key elements that you may choose to include in your bespoke WordPress theme design includes aspects such as website layout options. So, for example, you may request that we code a different layout and theme for mobile devices. We can do this on the basis of the design that you provide us. Furthermore, we can code for you multiple webpage templates if that is something that present to us and require.
  • We develop bespoke WordPress themes with mobile devices in mind. We are aware that when it comes to website users, chances are they are on their phone or tablet. Furthermore, Google loves websites that are mobile device optimized.
  • When we convert your bespoke WordPress theme into a website, we can animate certain elements for you, we can convert your website to show multiple languages, and we can also take into consideration any changes. These changes to your WordPress theme may be as a result of your business expanding or adding new features. We are able to develop these things while coding your WordPress website.
  • We can create a bespoke WordPress theme that is suitable for single page web applications and progressive web applications.
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Frequently asked questions about custom WordPress Themes

We can give you three top reasons why you should choose a bespoke WordPress theme for your website.

  • loads in the less than 2 seconds
  • your website will achieve over 90 on PageSpeed Insights mobile
  • it is built on SEO best practices

First of all, a custom WordPress theme is created with you and your business in mind. This solution is meant to cater to your needs. Another key aspect that when you use a bespoke theme, you are able to stand out from the competition. The major problem with pre-made themes, is that they all look alike. You don’t want that.

If you want to learn more about these advantages, check out our 👉 6 reasons not to use pre-made themes. 👈

Yes, if you specify that you would like a designed bespoke WordPress theme developed for the mobile version of your website, we can do this for you.

There are a few key elements to consider when presenting what you want for your bespoke WordPress theme.

  • Avoid complicated – when presenting your ideas to a designer, we advise picking styles, colors, and fonts that are simple. For example, when deciding on colors, pick two main colors and one accent color. You do not want to overwhelm your website users with a multitude of colors.
  • Mobile first – a responsive and high ranking webpage has a dedicated design for mobile devices. Google looks at mobile devices first, so you want this aspect to be fast and perform well on tests like PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom.
  • Various browsers – your bespoke WordPress theme should be compatible for all browsers

WordPress for eCommerce

So you have decided that you need a website with an online shop. Why not get a WordPress website with a WooCommerce integration. WooCommerce is an excellent option for your eCommerce solution, especially in combination with WordPress. WooCommerce is an exquisite plugin for shops of all sizes, from small to large eCommerce brands. WooCommerce is user-friendly and is suitable to use for various different products. Using WooCommerce you can sell physical goods, online products, subscriptions and more.

  • WooCommerce offers powerful analytics which will be key when growing your business. You are able to collect key demographics about users and buyers from the comfort of your WooCommerce panel.
  • WooCommerce allows you to set up promo codes along with on sale products. WooCommerce, also gives you the ability to set up various variants for products. For example, setting up different sizes for the same t-shirt and their respective prices.
  • You can also use various modules to manage your WooCommerce shop, for example, Gutenberg editor. This editor allows you to modify the look of your product page and other content.
  • WooCommerce also offers a high level of security, especially when it comes to giving users multiple payment options that are secure. It is important to remember that WooCommerce and WordPress offer a level of safety when properly maintained, updated and so on.
  • This eCommerce platform also makes everyday shop management easy. WooCommerce offers features such as customer accounts, guest checkouts, one click refunds, inventory etc.
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Frequently asked questions about WordPress for eCommerce

There are many features that make WooCommerce the best choice. Some of these key features include the user-friendly admin panel, the simple content management, and the effortless payment processing.

Find out more information about 👉 how to choose the right e-Commerce platform 👈

WooCommerce is a great solution for all sized shops because it can handle up even up +100 000 products. Furthermore, it can handle 1000s of your orders per minute. WooCommerce, is great in terms of scalability.

WooCommerce requires little to no technical knowledge in order to be able to use it successfully. You are able to do everyday operations through a simple and intuitive UI.

This depends. If your online shop design takes into account the mobile device user, then yes, WooCommerce is mobile friendly. Furthermore, our developers, based on your specifications, can make your WooCommerce shop more mobile friendly.


Custom WordPress plugins and advanced integrations

Custom WordPress plugins are programs that “plug in” to your page. WordPress’ plugins can thus be used to add functionality to a WordPress site. Plugin ecosystems have huge potential. The WordPress plugin library offers over, 55000 free plugins. Let’s not get carried away with the amount of plugins we use, as too many plugins can cause security issues. However, our team of WordPress developers can also provide custom plugins. We can create one custom plugin that you can use on multiple different WordPress websites. Additionally, we can create a plugin that can decouple certain features from your WordPress site. Furthermore, we offer our customers advanced integrations of APIs along with CRM systems and Marketing automation.

  • Custom plugins can provide you with functionality that otherwise you may lack on your WordPress website.
  • A vital integration for most WordPress websites is API integration. So, we can integrate social media accounts with your website. You can have your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. connected to your webpage.
  • Using API integration, we can also download data from the stock market. Another way we can use API integration is to download information from job offers / job posts for ATS.
  • We can integrate a CRM system to work with your WordPress website. A CRM system (customer relationship management system) can provide you with key analytics, demographics etc., to help you grow your business. We can make this data available to you via your website.


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Frequently asked questions about Custom plugins & advanced integrations

So regardless, of whether you are using a free plugin or you have a custom plugin developed by us, they can be categorized into various categories:

  • Language support
  • User interface accessories
  • Tool integration
  • Framework integration
  • and many others

Learn more about 👉 our pick of WordPress plugins 👈

Yes, there are a few different forms of advanced integrations. Some types of advanced integrations include:

  • Data transfer from a server
  • Manual data transfer
  • Directly accessing the server
  • User web interface

Yes, we can integrate various payment methods for your online shop. This can be done in two different ways. The first is via a plugin such as WooCommerce multiple payment gateways which, offers payment options such as PayPal.

Another way we can integrate payment methods is via advanced integrations. Using advanced integrations we can provide your customers with payment options such as WorldPay, AmazonPay etc.

There are several benefits of API integration, such as:

  • Automation – the transfer of data from one place to another through an automatic process, eliminates human error.
  • Scalability – you are able to grow your business without having all data in one system. You can limit the amount of information transferred back and forth.
  • Streamline – you have clear communication and reporting of information.

How does it work?

If you want to code your Figma file or Adobe XD into a WordPress website or the other way around, Acclaim may have just the solution for you. With an experienced team of highly trained, talented developers, our WordPress agency will carefully hand-code the project to flawlessly integrate your website into the selected design.

We utilize the most advanced coding practices available, compliant with W3C standards. You can be certain that your website will not only run smoothly, but also load fast and be perfectly geared towards SEO operations. Our WordPress sites load in less than 2 seconds. Additionally, they achieve results over 90 on PageSpeed Insights (mobile). The process is simple:

1 First


Send us the design files or hire us for the creating UI/UX design and specify your requirements

2 Second


We go over the files to determine the estimated time of the operations, as well as the price

3 Third


We execute your vision in code and create the website directly based on your requirements using best practices and the principles of SEO

4 Fourth


We always follow through by extensively testing our code and making sure it is fully functional.

5 Fifth


The product is ready and delivered to you at the previously agreed-upon time


ASAP Front-End or WordPress Development

The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times the cost of retaining a customer, and not meeting a deadline is the fastest and surest way of losing a client’s business and trust. Don’t let that happen to your business!

We offer ASAP WordPress Development services that are three times as fast as the regular services. No matter how close the deadline for the project is, if it is physically possible, we’ll help you meet the deadline and present a fully functioning and bug-free product to your client. Don’t hesitate to contact us now so we can agree on the details!

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ASAP Front-End or WordPress Development

Cost of bespoke WordPress development

We deliver great quality of our services — we’re not the cheapest option.

Here are the starting prices for different types of projects.
Contact us to get a free quote

Website matched to design source

WordPress Landing Page

starting from $3,500 design price not included ~10 business days waiting time: waiting time: 2 weeks
  • Bespoke WordPress theme
  • Build based on our principles
  • Default Template page include
  • 404 Error Page
  • Scores in PageSpeed Insight above 90/100
  • Scores in GTMetrix above 90%
  • Speed of loading in less than a second
  • 60 days warranty included
  • QA testing included
  • Deployment included
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WordPress Marketing Website

starting from $10,000 design price not included ~20 business days waiting time: waiting time: 6 weeks
  • Bespoke WordPress theme
  • Build based on our principles
  • 3 key page templates
  • 2 archives (like Blog, and Case Studies)
  • 404 Error Page
  • Scores in PageSpeed Insight above 90/100
  • Scores in GTMetrix above 90%
  • Speed of loading in less than a second
  • Default Template page
  • 60 days warranty included
  • QA testing included
  • Deployment included
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Jamstack eCommerce

WooCommerce Shop

starting from $20,000 design price not included ~40 business days waiting time: waiting time: 10 weeks
  • Bespoke WordPress theme
  • Bespoke WooCommerce integration
  • Build based on our principles
  • 3 key page templates
  • 2 archives (like Blog, and Case Studies)
  • 404 Error Page
  • Scores in PageSpeed Insight above 90/100
  • Scores in GTMetrix above 90%
  • Speed of loading in less than a second
  • Default Template page
  • 60 days warranty included
  • QA testing included
  • Deployment included
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Recent Projects

High-quality custom-made websites we made recently for our clients

We’ve worked with agencies all over the world creating websites with the latest technologies and techniques – as evident by the testimonials. We make sure our clients are happy and satisfied with our services.

Trafford centre

  • Load time 0.3s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 97/100 🚀

We’ve designed a sleek website for the Trafford Centre, marrying sophistication with modernity. Loaded with captivating elements, our WordPress creation welcomes visitors with a seamless pre-loading animation. Highlights include a dynamic slider showcasing offers and an interactive map for easy navigation through the shops. Enhancing user experience, the site features a slider spotlighting promotions and events, coupled with engaging animations for text, creating a captivating scrolling effect.

We’ve prioritized speed optimization, ensuring lightning-fast loading times of 300ms. Achieving impressive Google PageSpeed Insight scores of 90 on desktop and 97 on mobile, we utilized lazy loading, image optimization, and strategic file minification to accomplish this feat.


  • Load time 0.3s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 93/100 🚀

Kora’s online soda shop enhances your gut health with three delectable flavors: blackberry and apple, orange and mango, and lemon and ginger. Can’t decide? Kora has you covered with a variety pack.

Our skilled development squad crafted Kora.com, a sleek WooCommerce store enriched with contemporary features that complement the innovative nature of the product. We conceptualized an online marketplace, enabling customers to procure sodas through conventional single purchases. Additionally, a subscription feature allows beverages to be conveniently delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals. The store boasts a distinctive custom design. Moreover, it offers administrators an intuitive panel through WooCommerce for effortless management of inventory, orders, and more. Furthermore, the administrators can incorporate product variables, implement discounts, and orchestrate sales seamlessly.

Rich Day Group

  • Load time 0.4s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 98/100 🚀

The Rich Day Group is a real estate investment company based in the United States. They invest in both residential and commercial real estate that aims to provide comfortable luxury for residence. The WordPress website we created reflects the same luxury and high quality.

We were able to tackle the challenge of creating an investor’s panel in this project. Additionally, we added two key animations in keeping with the overall feel of the website. The first animation being the counter, and the second is using Modals to portray an image behind a logo. Moreover, Modals enabled us to make each image a pop-up box. Each pop-up box contained more information about any given property.


  • Load time 0.5s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 98/100 🚀

ProLion offers businesses protection for their data. They safeguard critical storage and backup data, on premises or in the cloud. Moreover, they proactively monitor your data storage. Also, they block any malicious and suspicious behavior. They have already protected 650+ companies across the globe.

Our development team created for them a multilanguage site that is expansive with many subpages. Also, our developers created for ProLion a custom mobile menu to improve user experience. Furthermore, they built various forms that can be adapted to their projects. They implemented attractive hero sections to capture the attention of website visitors. Additionally, they created advanced archives for blog posts and other post types. Finally, they developed a flexible way to add various sections as their website grows and expands.

Elium Health

  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 99 / 100 🚀

Elium Health provides psychiatric care for its customers either in the office or via teletherapy. It offers a wide range of treatments and therapies. Some of the therapies that they offer include individual counselling, marriage counselling, medication management, ketamine therapy, ADHD testing and much more.

We provided Elium Health an ultra-fast WordPress website that loads in less than one second. This website has many key features and animations. Some of these features include scrolling text, a slider, a disappearing header, and so much more. We did not have major challenges with this project, more cosmetic details such as embedding Google Maps via an API.

Onshore Outsourcing

  • Load time 0.2s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 100 / 100 🚀

Onshore Outsourcing works in the outsourcing industry. They specialize in staff augmentation, this includes fully outsourced IT managed services teams. They are very effective in their work, and we wanted to create a website that would be the same. In this project, we were able to achieve fantastic results, thus providing them with a highly optimized website.

However, one of the biggest challenges when it came to creating this website was providing solutions that were WCAG accessible. There website needed to be user-friendly for all. We managed to achieve this by creating some of the following solutions. We added a function that converts text to audio. Additionally, we added more descriptive links for people who use readers, to better understand elements like “read more”.

WordPress development agency

WordPress CMS Features You’ll Love

WordPress is definitely a top choice among many website developers and independent users, bloggers, business owners etc. This is due to its excellent content management system. WordPress not only gives you a convenient place to store your content, but it offers many features that will make your website pop.

Some key CMS features that you are bound to love including the ability to add custom widgets, plugins, and themes. Also, you choose what you see in your website user panel. You can add editor interface options as well as remove them.

Other key features are a built-in simple image editor along with the ability to embed videos and other multimedia files.

Gutenberg editor

Installing the Gutenberg editor, can make creating and editing your content much easier. This editor allows you to create different blocks with images, text, icons, and so much more. You can save blocks you have created to use throughout your website. Furthermore, this plugin does not run a lot of script, so your website will still be fast loading.

Simply image editor

Using WordPress CMS you can easily crop an image, change the size and set up various galleries. Furthermore, you are able to automatically optimize and serve files in the latest WebP standard.

Easy to embed videos

There are many options when it comes to embedding a video. This can be done via a simple YouTube link or by uploading an MP4 file. The choice is up to you.

Easy to publish content

You can publish content with just one click. The interface is intuitive, and many publication aspects can be set up to run automatically. You can schedule the post to be published on a given day and time using the editor that it built into WordPress.

Comment section

If you want to interact with your customers, blog readers etc. you can easily turn on a comment section for any custom post type. This includes comments for blogs, product pages, and even service pages.

Various Users

You can control who has access to your website and who does not. You can control who can edit which aspects of your website as well.

Social media integrations

You are able to easily integrate social media accounts on your WordPress site. Furthermore, you are able to provide by each post an option to share any page on social media. It only takes a few clicks on your keypad.

Multiple languages

WordPress offers a number of languages for the admin panel perspective. You do not have to worry about using a language you are not familiar with, and you do not understand.

Gutenberg tutorial

How to use Gutenberg editor in WordPress

Many of our customers come to us after their website is ready to go and say “I’m scared of the Gutenberg editor” or “I don’t know how to use it, help”. Our team of WordPress developers love to help them out by introducing them to the Gutenberg editor. They provide them instruction videos with a tutorial of how to best use Gutenberg editor and take full advantage of it.

How do we create Gutenberg blocks for your website?

First, we take a look at your entire design whether this be on Figma, Adobe XD or PSD. We compare the different sections on your design and find blocks that are similar to each other. So if you have a similar section on your home page, about us and a service page we can make one Gutenberg block for it. However, this does not mean the block will not be editable. It will be.

For example, we can create a block where the layout is the same, but you can change the copy, the image, or the background color for this section. We create for our customers as many blocks as you have in your web design.

If you need, let’s say, 20 unique Gutenberg blocks, we will develop 20 blocks. On top of these blocks, you will also have elements such as: post types, archive posts, pages etc. Furthermore, the way you use these elements does not change even with the Gutenberg blocks. In fact, it will make editing easier.

You can edit each Gutenberg block, moreover, you can drag and drop these sections in any order that works best for you. Also, you can remove sections that you do not need on a certain page. It’s really simple, and we promise once you get use to it, you will love 💜 it.

Can you reuse Gutenberg blocks?

Yes, you can absolutely reuse Gutenberg blocks. We save for you certain block types that you can use over and over again. You can edit them slightly or copy and paste the same exact block for various pages on your WordPress website.

Why is Gutenberg editor helpful for users?

So let’s say you have your website for a while and want to create a new subpage that wasn’t planned in your original web design. No worries. You can easily use your pre-existing Gutenberg blocks to create a brand-new page with just a few clicks. For most users, these Gutenberg blocks are enough to create new WordPress pages. They do not have to come back to the designer and then the developer to create more.

Check out the video below for a quick Gutenberg editor tutorial 👇.

You can also visit our blog about 👉 Gutenberg blocks.👈


The technologies we use

Our WordPress agency prides itself in using the latest technologies and best practices out of the web development world, to create robust and efficient websites.

Our technology stack includes the latest WordPress version, Bootstrap 5, Responsive Web Design, SCSS with BEM, JS ES6+, Vue JS, React JS, Webpack, PHP7, MySQL and WooCommerce among many others.

Skyrocket My Website
Technologies that we use

WordPress Support

No matter what technologies were used in creating your website or how robustly it was developed, if you want your website to function at 100% you need to maintain it and keep it up-to-date. Keeping your WordPress version up-to-date, maintaining your website’s plugins, and backing up your website regularly requires expertise and time. A misstep might cause an incompatibility issue on your website. That’ll cost you your clients’ trust and a lot of money.

Save yourself from all the headache and hire a WordPress agency to manage your website for you. We regularly check your website and keep it up-to-date, do some routine maintenance, and ensure that it is regularly backed up. You won’t have to worry about potential security threats resulting from obsolete technology with our service.

Take care of my website
WordPress's Support

UI/UX Web Design

We are proud to have our very own creative team that regularly designs breathtaking websites for our clients. If you don’t have your own design or want to create a web design for you, don’t worry, we can take care of your project from A to Z.

You only need to tell us about the project’s requirements, business goals, and preferred approach, and our UI /UX designers will make sure to create a web design that is intuitive to use and fully responsive. Our team will create an amazing web design for you, which will be the face of the dedicated business!

Design My Masterpiece
UI/UX Web Design
Looking for something more?

Other WordPress related services

If you are curious to explore more of our services, you may be interested in the following ones below:

Custom WordPress theme development services

WordPress development company

Our extensive WordPress services include WordPress Development, WordPress Themes Development, E-Commerce and Custom Plug-In Development. Furthermore, we offer complete site management and upgrade services for you to maintain the current content of your websites. The interface is easy to navigate, and it is also possible to update content when needed.

We can create a website that is the exact replica of your bespoke WordPress theme, thanks to our technical knowledge. Additionally, we also take into account all your specifications. All of our WordPress Developers can bring your designs and ideas to life using WordPress’s extended functions and various codes. If you require any custom plugins or advanced integrations, we can also provide that for you.

We can also create a WordPress website for you that doubles as an eCommerce store. We can use the plugin, WooCommerce, to integrate an online shop to your site. Furthermore, we can also take your bespoke WordPress theme to develop your ideal eCommerce store.


FAQ about WordPress website development services

The traditional version of WordPress are considered to be monolithic because the frontend and the backend are combined into one solution. However, when we look at Headless WordPress, it is no longer considered a monolithic solution because of the decoupling of the presentation and content elements.

We are very aware that WordPress is an effective web development tool. It is unique as it has a streamlined and flexible ‘theme’.

It is one of the most popular CMS in the world for numerous reasons, including:

  • It is compatible with many other services, systems etc.
  • When properly maintained and updated it is secure
  • It is versatile – you can use it for blogging, services, and / or integrate an online shop

SEO is a key factor for all websites, including those built on WordPress. SEO friendly websites gain you more traffic and grown your business. Search engine optimization is an effective tool in acquiring leads and generating greater conversion rates. Our developers build websites with SEO in mind, and implementing some of these key principles:

  • Attributes (Alt tags of images)
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3)
  • Implementing 404 error pages
  • Social media icons such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
  • Meta Description and tags
  • Favicon & OG images
  • Friendly URLs
  • Properly setup sitemaps and robots.txt
  • W3C validation of the source code

Furthermore, WordPress has a fantastic SEO plugin YOAST which allows you to easily modify and manage many of these principles mentioned above.

Once our WordPress developers set everything up, you will not need technical skills to run your website. In fact, if you would like, we can provide you with a video on how to use certain elements of your WordPress site.

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