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What are the benefits of converting HTML to a WordPress website?

You might be wondering if you have the HTML code, should you hire an agency to professionality turn it into a functional WordPress theme and what are some of the benefits WP provides over raw HTML. All of these questions are valid, and you might be surprised by all of the benefits of WP over traditional HTML:

Technical Skills

Doesn’t require technical skills

WordPress is a high-level content management system, and that means you can seamlessly use it without having any coding knowledge.

This makes using the website and editing its content easier for you, and you won’t need to spend a lot of time training your customers on how to use your platform.


Effective delegation and personnel management

One of the most powerful features of WordPress is its user management system. If your website requires a lot of collaborators or you have a lot of employees with different privileges, WP will make your life much easier. We’ll be able to create user types and assign privileges on the fly.

One of the main reasons WP took off was its excellent user management capabilities. You’ll have to spend a lot of time and money if you want to replicate these with raw code or most other platforms.


Flexibility and easy customization

Working with raw HTML is time-consuming and error-prone. You don’t have to spend hours editing the minute details of your website, but you can do it all with the comfort of a fast GUI.

Our WordPress platforms use the ACF plugin that is specifically designed to make content customization easier.

WordPress Support

Make sure your website always runs at 100%

Although we guarantee using the latest technologies and best practices when offering our HTML to WordPress service, technologies get quickly superseded in the fast-moving tech world.

That’s why if you want to keep your WordPress website in top shape and ensure it is always up-to-date and without security risks, then you probably need our WordPress support package. We’ll take care of everything and ensure your WordPress website is always running in its best capacity.

Take care of my website
Wordpress Support - Image
Why us?

Years of experience

We have extensive experience transforming HTML files to flexible, stylish, and modern WordPress themes. We’ve worked with large businesses, small businesses, and even self-employed people. If you’re looking for a high-quality, professional, inexpensive HTML to WordPress service, we are the right team for you.


Projects completed


Countries we’ve been working with so far


Team members


Years of experience

Key Features

What makes us different?

Mobile First (RWD) Coding

Mobile-first coded, fully responsive

Semantic Code

Inclusive of semantic source code

Principles of SEO

Built on the principles of SEO

Fast Loading Website

Ultra-fast loading

Website matched to design source

Perfectly matched to visuals

Well Described Code

Well-described code, easy to upgrade

Website Optimization

Tested in GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights

Cross Browser Test

Displayed correctly in all of the latest browsers

Graphic GuideLines

Files format we support

Figma logo

(Download sample)

Adobe Photoshop Logo

Adobe Photoshop
(Download sample)

Adobe XD logo

Adobe XD
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adobe illustrator logo

Adobe Illustrator
we don’t recommend

Sketch logo

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adobe indesign logo

Adobe InDesign
we don’t recommend

Browsers Support

Cross-browser compatibility

It is extremely important for WordPress themes to take into account the different browsers, what they support, and how to best approach developing a design for them.

If your WordPress theme doesn’t have cross-browser compatibility, you’ll lose visitors and suffer on search engines. That’s why we ensure the theme is supported by all major browsers, is mobile-friendly, and supports different screen resolutions.


Last 3 ver.


Last 3 ver.


1 last ver.


1 last ver.


Why should I consider your HTML to WordPress service?

You might be wondering if you have the HTML code, should you hire an agency to professionality turn it into a functional WordPress theme and what are some of the benefits WP provides over raw HTML. All of these questions are valid, and you might be surprised by all of the benefits of WP over traditional HTML:

1 First

Front-End Analysis

When you send us your HTML code, we spend considerable time analyzing it. Only after making sure we’ve completely gotten down your requirements, we’ll proceed. If something isn’t clear, we’ll contact you and ask for clarifications. We’re set on delivering your project exactly the way you want it.

2 Second


We’ll then proceed with converting your HTML to a functional WordPress theme. We have reusability and flexibility in mind, and that’s why we start from the common shared tasks and then proceed to the specifics. Our code is both easy to read and easy to modify.

3 Third

Testing & Optimization

Next up is the testing and optimization stage. We not only make sure the WordPress theme is completely bug-free and everything is working perfectly, but we also optimize the code so your users have a fast and seamless experience navigating your website.

4 Fourth


Finally, we deliver the finished project to you before the deadline and with complete documentation. You’ll be able to start using it right away.


The technologies we use

The technologies you use on the server-side impact the performance of the website, the security of the site, and the SEO-friendliness of the site. If you want the best results, you need to use the latest, most up-to-date technologies to develop the server-side.

That’s exactly what we are doing here at Acclaim. Our server-side stack only includes the latest, most up-to-date front-end frameworks and libraries.

Run an HTML to WP project
Technologies that we use
Gutenberg tutorial

How to use Gutenberg editor in WordPress

Many of our customers come to us after their website is ready to go and say “I’m scared of the Gutenberg editor” or “I don’t know how to use it, help”. Our team of WordPress developers love to help them out by introducing them to the Gutenberg editor. They provide them instruction videos with a tutorial of how to best use Gutenberg editor and take full advantage of it.

How do we create Gutenberg blocks for your website?

First, we take a look at your entire design whether this be on Figma, Adobe XD or PSD. We compare the different sections on your design and find blocks that are similar to each other. So if you have a similar section on your home page, about us and a service page we can make one Gutenberg block for it. However, this does not mean the block will not be editable. It will be.

For example, we can create a block where the layout is the same, but you can change the copy, the image, or the background color for this section. We create for our customers as many blocks as you have in your web design.

If you need, let’s say, 20 unique Gutenberg blocks, we will develop 20 blocks. On top of these blocks, you will also have elements such as: post types, archive posts, pages etc. Furthermore, the way you use these elements does not change even with the Gutenberg blocks. In fact, it will make editing easier.

You can edit each Gutenberg block, moreover, you can drag and drop these sections in any order that works best for you. Also, you can remove sections that you do not need on a certain page. It’s really simple, and we promise once you get use to it, you will love 💜 it.

Can you reuse Gutenberg blocks?

Yes, you can absolutely reuse Gutenberg blocks. We save for you certain block types that you can use over and over again. You can edit them slightly or copy and paste the same exact block for various pages on your WordPress website.

Why is Gutenberg editor helpful for users?

So let’s say you have your website for a while and want to create a new subpage that wasn’t planned in your original web design. No worries. You can easily use your pre-existing Gutenberg blocks to create a brand-new page with just a few clicks. For most users, these Gutenberg blocks are enough to create new WordPress pages. They do not have to come back to the designer and then the developer to create more.

Check out the video below for a quick Gutenberg editor tutorial 👇.

You can also visit our blog about 👉 Gutenberg blocks.👈

Track Progress

Can you track our progress?

If you want to be more involved in the project and closely monitor our progress when working on your project, you can do that through two methods:



If you want rudimentary reports and learn what part of your project we’re working on, you can simply fire our staging URL and check the progress of your project. We always keep it up-to-date and you can access it at any time.


On the other hand, if you need more than rudimentary info and want to monitor the nuts-and-bolts of the operation, we’ll add you to the project’s GitHub repository where you can see the slightest contributions our team makes to your project


Frequently asked questions about HTML to WordPress conversion

We’ll build for you dedicated, bespoke WordPress theme. We’ll make the navigation elements editable. We’ll create an Options page where you will be able to edit social media links, contact details, and all the other global content. We’ll adjust footer widgets (if the layout allows that), and using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields plugin), we’ll create an easy-to-use and intuitive panel, so you can manage all the content on your website.

We are dedicated to good code quality and best practices, and that’s why it is vital for us to only use code that’s technically sound and does the job in the most efficient way. On the other hand, we respect our client’s wishes, and we want to deliver a product that best conforms to their expectations. That’s why we are putting it entirely in the hands of our client.

If you don’t want us to change anything about the code, as long as the code is functional, we’ll take a hands-free approach to implementing it in WordPress. On the other hand, if you give us permission, we’ll use our talented team to restructure and optimize your code to make sure you get the best product possible.

Because we use the latest technologies, our themes don’t support obsolete browsers, normally, but if it is important for our client, we’ll go out of our way supporting the browser(s) that is vital to them.

How much time a project takes depends mainly on the complexity and intricacy of the project. We’ll give you a deadline once we start the project, and we’ll keep to it, but if you really want to speed the process along, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Add comments and clarifications to your code where you think the meaning is obscure and hard to understand.
  • Update your code and don’t use obsolete functions and tags in your code, because we’ll update them all, and that, sometimes, turns into a huge mess that we have to untangle.

Estimation of your project

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