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Here you can find frequently asked questions about WordPress Support.
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Well, there are a few different reasons why you should choose our WordPress support services. First of all, you can speak directly to developers about technical aspects. You are not only relying on a project manager to pass on information back and forth.

Furthermore, the process of communication is clear and clean. You have access to our Slack channels where you can chat with our developers, QA testers, and project managers. Moreover, you have access to our ClickUp workspace where you can create tasks. Once a task is created you can also interact with that task in the form of comments. You can add more information, provide clarification, etc. Everything is in one place as opposed to several different places.

Additionally, on our development teams, we have QA testers. A QA tester is able to catch any bugs that our developers or project manager missed. They tend to have a fresh perspective on a project and will see things other people do not.

Also, we have dedicated teams for support and maintenance. These are not developers who hop off a project for a few hours per week to run support. No, we have dedicated teams to make this possible. They spend their whole day on maintenance tasks.

Lastly, we also try to see the big picture. We look and understand the need for a WordPress website to be optimized in terms of speed and performance. This is because it impacts search engine rankings which can also impact the number of potential customers. Moreover, we understand the need for better security and so much more.

Our WordPress website maintenance & support services consist of an eight-step process:

  1. You contact us and we help you pick out a 👉 WordPress Support plan 👈 or 👉WooCommerce Support plan 👈
  2. We onboard you onto our maintenance services. We will give you access to our Slack communication channel and ClickUp. On Slack, you will be able to communicate with our project manager, developers, and QA tester. Whereas on Clickup you will be able to create support tickets. Also, you give us access to your WordPress website.
  3. We analyze the health of your WordPress site.
  4. We set up a staging site to run all tasks before we move them to production. Moreover, we set up a testing & local environment for your site.
  5. Our developers will take around 10 hours to learn your WordPress site.
  6. We create & develop security measures for your WordPress website.
  7. Now we can run the first updates and support
  8. Cyclical support services.

Once our support team finishes with maintenance tasks, you will be provided with a report. In this report, you will find valuable information such as:

  • WordPress core version
  • List of updated WordPress plugins
  • Number of backups created along with when the last one was created
  • Website uptime
  • Analytics information
  • Security scan history & other security information
  • Website performance information such as PageSpeed

Check out an example of a 👉 website care report 👈 we provide each time we perform maintenance services on our client’s site.

Yes, here at Acclaim we can create a strategic master plan for your site. In this plan, we will include various aspects that based on our expertise we can improve on your site. This can be things like security, speed optimization, website performance, or even the addition of new features.

We will also include any aspects that are important to you in terms of having a successful site. So for example, if you want a site that is fast-loading, that will be on the strategic master plan as a priority.

There are a few areas of WordPress website support & maintenance that we specialise in. First and foremost we specialize in speed & website performance optimization. We understand that when your WordPress site loads faster, it increases the conversion rates and latest increases your profits.

Moreover, with a WooCommerce store, every additional second it takes for webpages to load can cost you precious revenue. A fast website or online shop is also key to ranking higher in search engines.

Another area that we specialize in is automation testing for checkout procedures. We can build a system that will test out your online pay shop process as often as you need. For example, you can run it every day to test your payment process. It can supplement a developer or QA tester clicking through your checkout process.

Our Acclaim WordPress developers are available to work on support services Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm Polish CST. But that being said if you drop us a task at 3 pm on Friday that is development heavy, we may not get to it until Monday.

Yes, we have QA testers on our development teams. They are responsible for checking every aspect that was supported, maintained, or added by developers during the support process.

They will click through your entire site to make sure that everything is functioning properly. If they find a bug, they will send it back to the developer to fix. The developers will then sit down and fix the error.

Once all tasks are completed and errors fixed, the website will return to its owner.

No, we do not sign a contract for a specific length of time. We sign a contract that you can terminate by giving us 30 days’ notice. But there is no minimum time that we require for our customers to cooperate with us.

This will vary depending on the size of your site. Moreover, the types of tasks you ask us to complete during support as website edits. You can assign our development team as many support tickets as you need. Moreover, you can also assign priority to tasks, if something is urgent you can flag it as urgent. Additionally, you can let out developers know when you need a task to be completed, this gives them a better idea of what to finish first and when.

If you buy a bundle of additional support hours for website edits and you do not use them, they do not carry over. Our development is set and ready to go, and if in the rare case, you do not provide them with enough work to fill those hours, then you pay for them and they do not carry over.

We will do you one better. You will have contact with a project manager but you will also be able to communicate with the developers & QA tester that work on your support. As a customer, you will be able to get answers to any technical questions directly from developers.

You will be given access to our Slack channel where can chat with our developers, QA testers, and project manager. They can answer your questions and explain various technical aspects.

Additionally, you will be given access to the ClickUp workspace where you can create tasks for our team to do in terms of website edits. You can set up tasks in terms of priority and even suggested deadlines. Our developers can get back to you with any information they are missing. Or if they need clarification and lastly when the task is due for final customer approval.

Yes, of course. We can give you contact information for our previous or existing clients from WordPress support. You can ask them about their experience and any other questions you may have. We love connecting our customers with each other to give them a better idea of the service.

Yes, of course, we have a checklist for WordPress support. Our developers follow a checklist during the maintenance process. It can be individualized based on customer needs.

To let you experience how our support services work, we offer to conduct a small project test. This trial project enables you to request a comprehensive itemized list of features and observe the entire process along with the time it takes. Once the test run is completed, you’ll have a better understanding of our services and see if it aligns with your larger project requirements. At Acclaim, we also provide a test run on a small project to give you a clear idea of our services.

Of course, we can give a third-party access to our GitHub to audit the code our developers have produced. You can have another company check our work to feel more secure about the things that were done on your site.

Yes, we specialise in WordPress websites. We offer WordPress development, WordPress design, Figma to WordPress conversion and so much more.

First of all, you need to choose a plan – weekly, biweekly, or monthly. The pricing of these plans ranges from $149 to $249 depending on how often you want support on your site. These prices are the foundation and include elements such as:

  • WordPress & plugins updates
  • Backup of project
  • WordPress Security
  • E-mail support
  • Reports

On top of that, we will charge you time and material for any additional website edits that take place during support. This may include the addition of new features, new functionalities, layout changes, content, etc.

You can purchase these hours in a bundle so that every month you have reserved hours for our developers to work on your project. Lastly, you can also create a custom plan to make sure that your WordPress website care is to the standard you need.

The biggest difference between WooCommerce support and WordPress support is that with WooCommerce we test out your checkout procedures. We can build automation testing to routinely check your payment process. It can test it as often as you want and be a supplement to developers checking out this process manually.

Yes of course we can fix your website after it’s been hacked. There’s a lot that can be done to save your site even after it’s been hacked. We can find the source of the issue as opposed to just getting rid of the result.

Many companies will get rid of the new code produced by hackers, thinking this will remedy the issue. The truth of the matter is, you need to find the source of the problem and remove that. Otherwise, you will be constantly removing new code without getting rid of the hacker, virus, or bot. We specialise in finding and getting rid of the route of the problem.

This depends. Each maintenance task will take a different amount of time. Our development team will provide you with an estimate for each task before starting. This way you can give us the green light and you will know how much you will have to pay on the invoice.

Moreover, it is important to note that the first support services we run on your project will take longer than any cyclical support we run afterward. Cyclical support may a few hours whereas that first hump may take a few days.

Yes, of course, you can purchase extra support hours for website edits. We encourage companies to purchase bulk support hours for each month this way logistically we always have time for their project.

Yes, you can change your support plan at any time you want. All you have to do is let us know that you want to change it.

No, we do not offer 24/7 support hours. Our support hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm Polish CST.

Honestly, the types of tasks that we can do for you are endless. It really depends on what your project needs and what you want to be done. Some of the 👉 basic maintenance tasks👈 include updates, backups, boosting security, etc. But you can also ask our developers to build new features such as:

  • new animation such as scrolling text, floating social media icons, etc
  • displaying your social media feed on your website
  • creating an image gallery for your projects as a portfolio
  • adding new video files for your visitors to watch
  • creating a new contact form for your visitors to use
  • and many others

For more details on tasks, we can take on, 👉 contact us 👈.

An update to your site can cause it to break. If that is the case our development team will fix that issue right away. We try to patch up this break the very same day so that your website can continue working normally.

We will inform you if something like this happens on your site, and we will also let you know that we patched it up and that your site now works the way it should.

That’s okay. We can provide you with one-off maintenance services or we can build a custom plan. Here at Acclaim, we work with our customers to provide them with the services they need.

However, it’s important to note that if you one-off maintenance services, our developers need to take the time to learn about your project. They need to figure out how your code was written and why it’s developed this way. This on average takes about 10 hours, and you will have to pay for that time. And if you return to us after several months our developers may need to take the time again to re-learn your project. Even if not much has changed, they still need to reacquaint themselves with your project.

Yes, we can provide our customers with one-off support and maintenance services. We don’t have to stick to a weekly, biweekly, or monthly plan if that is not something or customer wants.

This is not a problem. We have several customers that give us more than one website to manage. Most of the time these sites will be similar in terms of layout, plugins, etc. but they will be set up for a different business venture. We provide each website with a separate development team that will prioritise your site. Typically these teams are a bit bigger. Additionally, we will have at least one person who floats in between all your sites to make sure that everything is okay.

Moreover, for customers that bring us more than 2 sites, we may offer a rabat to make it more affordable to use our support services.

So each task will take a different amount of time to complete depending on what it is. Some tasks take a couple of hours while others may take several hours. Our developers will let you know ASAP what the expected time frame of your task is. They will also let you know what the expected waiting time is.

The same is also true if you are looking to receive a time estimate and cost. We will let know how soon our developer can sit down and price out a task for you.

If you use ClickUp to set up tasks, they will show up on Slack and we can communicate with you when we can get to this task. Alternatively, you can also let us know how quickly you need something done. You can assign priority and let us know what is urgent and what can wait a little bit.

If you assign a task as urgent we try to sit down for that task the very same day or the next day. However, if a task is a normal priority it waits in the queue. Now, these lower-priority tasks are completed in a few days or one week’s time. It’s very rare for a low-priority task to wait weeks.

Also, the completion of these tasks is kind of like a production line. The developer first completes the task and assigns it to the QA tester. The QA tester checks for any errors and bugs. Meanwhile, the developer works on the next task. The QA tester sends back the first task to be fixed. The developer sends the second task to be tested. And the first task is completed and sent to the website owner. And so on. This can take a little time.

There are a number of reasons why we perform plugin and theme update weekly. Some of these include:

  1. Some plugin updates are originally released with bugs. This is why we update plugins less often to give the developer of the plugin time to iron out the bug.
  2. We try to batch more updates together to minimize the chance that your site will break.
  3. Developers will try to run updates during times when you have less traffic on your site. This way you reduce distribution to your website users.

No, we do not offer phone support. Instead, we give you access to our Slack communication channel and our ClickUp workspace. Also, you can schedule a Google Meet with our development team if you need to discuss any support tickets.

Yes, everybody on our team can speak and write proficient English.

If you are interested but want to learn more about WordPress website maintenance and support services. 👉 Drop us a line 👈 and let’s chat. We can have a free no obligation chat to help you learn more about our services.

Maintain your high-end WordPress website with our expert team!

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