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Turn your Sketch design into a fully functional, responsive, and fast website. We’ll turn your designs into masterfully coded and fully functioning WordPress themes that you can easily use in your website.

PSD or Sketch or Adobe XD or Figma to WordPress custom theme
Sketch to WordPress bespoke theme

Masterfully turning your design into a fully functioning WordPress theme

No man is an island, and no person has all the skills necessary to design a website from scratch, turn the design into code, and make sure it supports SEO and coding best practices at the same time. Hiring an agency to do the coding for you has a lot of benefits that you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Experience

A Sketch to WordPress service offering company usually has a lot of experience converting Sketch designs into functioning websites. That’s certainly true of us.

Typically they know:

  • all the common shortfalls,
  • all the roadblocks,
  • all the errors an inexperienced person would face, and they have ways to deal with it.

That’s why you can be sure of a conversion that’s superior to the typical one a person can do on his own.

2. High qualified team

These agencies typically have a diverse group of people each with unique skills and strengths. One would be able to work with the HTML and craft it to perfection. One would be able to write a CSS code that’s compatible with all major browsers while also being mobile-friendly at the same time.

Another will think about User Experience and how to best optimize the design for it. This team effort will ensure that the WordPress theme doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses.

3. Delegation is a key to success

Delegation is an important paradigm of the 21st-century business world. It is neither economically viable to completely rely on yourself and your team to do everything nor is it good business sense.

Specialization and delegation are the paradigms of the future. That’s why it almost always costs you less and saves you more money if you delegate the website to outside agencies.

Sketch to WordPress service

These are the selling points of a Sketch to WordPress service

That’s why we’ve made sure our agency is doing excellent on all of those fronts:

Years of experience

Years of experience

We have years of experience converting designs into functioning themes and rigorous testing framework that ensures all bugs and errors are dealt with.

Highly talented team

Highly talented team

We have a diverse team of coders, designers, and testers all with years of experience in their specific field. This ensures we’ll be able to handle projects effectively and professionally.

High quality of the services

High quality and competitive prices

We’ve also made use of the more specialized international economy internally, and our business model fully takes advantage of it. So, you’ll be sure you get competitive prices and consistent quality.

WordPress Support

We will keep supporting you!

We know a robust and professional coding foundation is necessary for your website to keep functioning for years to come – this will minimize maintenance and reduce security risks. This isn’t enough under all circumstances, however. The tech world is changing rapidly, and if you want your business to always function at 100%, you need to professionally maintain and update it.

That’s why we offer competitive affordable support packages. Just let us know and we’ll take care of your website – starting from backups to plugin updates, and minor tweaks.

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Why us?

Years of experience

We have more than a decade of experience in designing, coding, and maintaining WordPress themes and websites. If you want the best agency on the market, you’ve come to the right place.


Projects completed


Countries we’ve been working with so far


Team members


Years of experience

Key Features

What makes us different?

Mobile First (RWD) Coding

Mobile-first coded, fully responsive

Semantic Code

Inclusive of semantic source code

Principles of SEO

Built on the principles of SEO

Fast Loading Website

Ultra-fast loading

Website matched to design source

Perfectly matched to visuals

Well Described Code

Well-described code, easy to upgrade

Website Optimization

Tested in GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights

Cross Browser Test

Displayed correctly in all of the latest browsers

Graphic GuideLines

Files format we support

Figma logo

(Download sample)

Adobe Photoshop Logo

Adobe Photoshop
(Download sample)

Adobe XD logo

Adobe XD
(Download sample)

adobe illustrator logo

Adobe Illustrator
we don’t recommend

Sketch logo

(Download sample)

adobe indesign logo

Adobe InDesign
we don’t recommend

Browsers Support

Cross-browser compatibility

It is important to ensure that your theme is compatible with different browsers, screen sizes, and systems. Now more than ever as search engine crawler bots have become smarter and downgrade your score if your website isn’t responsive and compatible with a wide selection of browsers.

We understand the importance of compatibility, and that’s why we ensure all our themes are compatible with a wide selection of browsers. You won’t need to worry about our themes not running for your clients.


Last 3 ver.


Last 3 ver.


1 last ver.


1 last ver.


Our Approach

We believe that transparency is a cornerstone of every successful business – we know our methods and approach is successful and professional, and we want to ensure our clients have knowledge on how we approach their projects.

1 First

Making contact

First, we need to receive your Sketch design. You can easily contact us through multiple channels and send us the details of your project.

2 Second


Next up, we will analyze your project thoroughly. One of our business’s rules is that we always keep our promises to our clients. That’s why we’ll ask you about all the relevant details of the project, how many landing pages there are, the complexity of the design, the resources involved, etc.

We ensure we are all on the same page and there are no miscommunications before moving on to the next step. After we iron out all the details, we’ll offer you a quote and a deadline, and if we reach a mutual agreement, we’ll move ahead with development.

3 Third


During the development phase, we’ll deconstruct your design and using proper separation of concern techniques turn it into a proper WordPress theme.

4 Fourth

Testing and optimization

We understand that premature optimization and ignoring testing is the cause of many software development failures. That’s why we have a comprehensive testing and optimization phase that ensures there are no bugs, the theme loads quickly, and everything is up to the highest standards.

5 Fifth


After all that, we deliver the finalized project to you and make sure you’re happy with the results.


The technologies we use

We turn your sketch design into a fully functional WordPress website by only using the latest web technologies. The tech world is fast-changing, and we understand how important it is to always keep up with technological advances.

We develop responsive WordPress websites by using the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JS ES6+), the latest front end technologies (React, Vue, Angular 10), the latest version of WordPress, etc.

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Technologies that we use

Cost of Sketch to WordPress conversion

We deliver great quality of our services — we’re not the cheapest option.

Here are the starting prices for different types of projects.
Contact us to get a free quote

Website matched to design source

WordPress Landing Page

starting from $3,500 design price not included ~10 business days waiting time: waiting time: 2 weeks
  • Bespoke WordPress theme
  • Build based on our principles
  • Default Template page include
  • 404 Error Page
  • Scores in PageSpeed Insight above 90/100
  • Scores in GTMetrix above 90%
  • Speed of loading in less than a second
  • 60 days warranty included
  • QA testing included
  • Deployment included
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WordPress Marketing Website

starting from $10,000 design price not included ~20 business days waiting time: waiting time: 6 weeks
  • Bespoke WordPress theme
  • Build based on our principles
  • 3 key page templates
  • 2 archives (like Blog, and Case Studies)
  • 404 Error Page
  • Scores in PageSpeed Insight above 90/100
  • Scores in GTMetrix above 90%
  • Speed of loading in less than a second
  • Default Template page
  • 60 days warranty included
  • QA testing included
  • Deployment included
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WooCommerce shop

WooCommerce Shop

starting from $20,000 design price not included ~40 business days waiting time: waiting time: 10 weeks
  • Bespoke WordPress theme
  • Bespoke WooCommerce integration
  • Build based on our principles
  • 3 key page templates
  • 2 archives (like Blog, and Case Studies)
  • 404 Error Page
  • Scores in PageSpeed Insight above 90/100
  • Scores in GTMetrix above 90%
  • Speed of loading in less than a second
  • Default Template page
  • 60 days warranty included
  • QA testing included
  • Deployment included
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Recent Projects

Bespoke WordPress websites built based on the design delivered by our clients

We’ve worked with agencies and single clients all over the world creating bespoke WordPress themes based on the designs delivered by our customers

Rich Day Group
  • Load time 0.4s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 98/100 🚀

The Rich Day Group is a real estate investment company based in the United States. They invest in both residential and commercial real estate that aims to provide comfortable luxury for residence. The WordPress website we created reflects the same luxury and high quality.

We were able to tackle the challenge of creating an investor’s panel in this project. Additionally, we added two key animations in keeping with the overall feel of the website. The first animation being the counter, and the second is using Modals to portray an image behind a logo. Moreover, Modals enabled us to make each image a pop-up box. Each pop-up box contained more information about any given property.

Onshore Outsourcing
  • Load time 0.2s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 100 / 100 🚀

Onshore Outsourcing works in the outsourcing industry. They specialize in staff augmentation, this includes fully outsourced IT managed services teams. They are very effective in their work, and we wanted to create a website that would be the same. In this project, we were able to achieve fantastic results, thus providing them with a highly optimized website.

However, one of the biggest challenges when it came to creating this website was providing solutions that were WCAG accessible. There website needed to be user-friendly for all. We managed to achieve this by creating some of the following solutions. We added a function that converts text to audio. Additionally, we added more descriptive links for people who use readers, to better understand elements like “read more”.

Elium Health
  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 99 / 100 🚀

Elium Health provides psychiatric care for its customers either in the office or via teletherapy. It offers a wide range of treatments and therapies. Some of the therapies that they offer include individual counselling, marriage counselling, medication management, ketamine therapy, ADHD testing and much more.

We provided Elium Health an ultra-fast WordPress website that loads in less than one second. This website has many key features and animations. Some of these features include scrolling text, a slider, a disappearing header, and so much more. We did not have major challenges with this project, more cosmetic details such as embedding Google Maps via an API.

  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 100/100 🚀

Forethought is working on human-centered AI to move customer service to higher level. Their website needed to reflect high standards and future-based approach.

The biggest challenge was to create website with many animations and in the same time keep high scores. We manage to do it and the website is not only beautiful but also has passed all scores as well Google Page Speed and GTMetrix. Beside animations Forethought website has many blocks and sections with over sixteen dedicated hero sections. With ability to edit and reorder sections we’ve built huge website which is fully customizable. Moreover managing the website is easy and enjoyable.

InSoma Bio
  • Load time 0.8s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (99%) 🚀

WordPress CMS based project which has been built from scratch on our great development principles.

There are a lot of big SVG graphics, animations, some cool switchers like the Cold / Warm that can be found on the Technology subpage — and even with such highly advanced structure we still managed to maintain the fluidity and impressive pace of performance.

  • Load time 0.9s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (96%) 🚀

The aim of this project was to create a light, solely front-end based website without any CMS. The template was developed using nunjucks and thanks to a clear-cut, minimalistic design, the final feeling of the website is really smooth and the site itself is easy to follow

Gutenberg tutorial

How to use Gutenberg editor in WordPress

Many of our customers come to us after their website is ready to go and say “I’m scared of the Gutenberg editor” or “I don’t know how to use it, help”. Our team of WordPress developers love to help them out by introducing them to the Gutenberg editor. They provide them instruction videos with a tutorial of how to best use Gutenberg editor and take full advantage of it.

How do we create Gutenberg blocks for your website?

First, we take a look at your entire design on your Sketch file. We compare the different sections on your design and find blocks that are similar to each other. So if you have a similar section on your home page, about us and a service page we can make one Gutenberg block for it. However, this does not mean the block will not be editable. It will be.

For example, we can create a block where the layout is the same, but you can change the copy, the image, or the background color for this section. We create for our customers as many blocks as you have in your web design.

If you need, let’s say, 20 unique Gutenberg blocks, we will develop 20 blocks. On top of these blocks, you will also have elements such as: post types, archive posts, pages etc. Furthermore, the way you use these elements does not change even with the Gutenberg blocks. In fact, it will make editing easier.

You can edit each Gutenberg block, moreover, you can drag and drop these sections in any order that works best for you. Also, you can remove sections that you do not need on a certain page. It’s really simple, and we promise once you get use to it, you will love 💜 it.

Can you reuse Gutenberg blocks?

Yes, you can absolutely reuse Gutenberg blocks. We save for you certain block types that you can use over and over again. You can edit them slightly or copy and paste the same exact block for various pages on your WordPress website.

Why is Gutenberg editor helpful for users?

So let’s say you have your website for a while and want to create a new subpage that wasn’t planned in your original web design. No worries. You can easily use your pre-existing Gutenberg blocks to create a brand-new page with just a few clicks. For most users, these Gutenberg blocks are enough to create new WordPress pages. They do not have to come back to the designer and then the developer to create more.

Check out the video below for a quick Gutenberg editor tutorial 👇.

You can also visit our blog about 👉 Gutenberg blocks.👈

Track Progress

Keep track of your project

We understand that software development projects are often long, and this causes a lot of anxiety for the client, especially if their project is urgent. That’s why our agency offers ways for you to always be up to speed with the latest developments on your project.



We have our own staging server that you can use to keep track of all your project’s tasks, when we’ll work on them, and how we’ll work on them. You can easily login into the platform and see how far we’ve progressed. That’ll keep you up to speed.


All the project’s code files are on our GitHub, and if your company likes to have live access to the project and our code, then we’ll grant you access to your project’s GitLab repository.


Frequently asked questions about Sketch to WordPress conversion

This is really hard to determine without first holistically understanding the scope of the project. Some conversions take around a few days while others can take much longer.

We can also take care of the service side for you. Just let us know.

WordPress CMS is the most famous content management system in the world. This is mainly due to how easy it is to maintain and update the content.

We also offer designing a website for you from scratch. If you don’t know how to use Sketch, don’t worry, just contact us and we’ll handle everything.

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