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Trafford centre
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  • Page Speed (Mobile) 97/100 🚀

We’ve designed a sleek website for the Trafford Centre, marrying sophistication with modernity. Loaded with captivating elements, our WordPress creation welcomes visitors with a seamless pre-loading animation. Highlights include a dynamic slider showcasing offers and an interactive map for easy navigation through the shops. Enhancing user experience, the site features a slider spotlighting promotions and events, coupled with engaging animations for text, creating a captivating scrolling effect.

We’ve prioritized speed optimization, ensuring lightning-fast loading times of 300ms. Achieving impressive Google PageSpeed Insight scores of 90 on desktop and 97 on mobile, we utilized lazy loading, image optimization, and strategic file minification to accomplish this feat.

Monte Carlo Data
  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Desktop) 97/100 🚀

Monte Carlo Data offers its customers end-to-end data observability. It allows companies to see when their data breaks and when to fix it. The data teams are able to solve any issues while you sleep peacefully at night. Moreover, they help prevent data downtimes.

They came to us for WordPress site support & maintenance services. As part of these services, we added some new features and functionalities to improve the user experience. Our developers added hovers, anchors, and buttons. This will help attract user attention and make it easier for them to navigate the site. Moreover, they cleaned up the contact form, getting rid of errors that pop up. Additionally, our developers improved site performance by 200% while bettering page loading time making it 5 times faster.

  • Load time 0.5s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 98/100 🚀

ProLion offers businesses protection for their data. They safeguard critical storage and backup data, on premises or in the cloud. Moreover, they proactively monitor your data storage. Also, they block any malicious and suspicious behavior. They have already protected 650+ companies across the globe.

Our development team created for them a multilanguage site that is expansive with many subpages. Also, our developers created for ProLion a custom mobile menu to improve user experience. Furthermore, they built various forms that can be adapted to their projects. They implemented attractive hero sections to capture the attention of website visitors. Additionally, they created advanced archives for blog posts and other post types. Finally, they developed a flexible way to add various sections as their website grows and expands.

  • Load time 0.3s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 93/100 🚀

Kora’s online soda shop enhances your gut health with three delectable flavors: blackberry and apple, orange and mango, and lemon and ginger. Can’t decide? Kora has you covered with a variety pack.

Our skilled development squad crafted, a sleek WooCommerce store enriched with contemporary features that complement the innovative nature of the product. We conceptualized an online marketplace, enabling customers to procure sodas through conventional single purchases. Additionally, a subscription feature allows beverages to be conveniently delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals. The store boasts a distinctive custom design. Moreover, it offers administrators an intuitive panel through WooCommerce for effortless management of inventory, orders, and more. Furthermore, the administrators can incorporate product variables, implement discounts, and orchestrate sales seamlessly.

Onshore Outsourcing
  • Load time 0.2s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 100 / 100 🚀

Onshore Outsourcing works in the outsourcing industry. They specialize in staff augmentation, this includes fully outsourced IT managed services teams. They are very effective in their work, and we wanted to create a website that would be the same. In this project, we were able to achieve fantastic results, thus providing them with a highly optimized website.

However, one of the biggest challenges when it came to creating this website was providing solutions that were WCAG accessible. There website needed to be user-friendly for all. We managed to achieve this by creating some of the following solutions. We added a function that converts text to audio. Additionally, we added more descriptive links for people who use readers, to better understand elements like “read more”.

Rich Day Group
  • Load time 0.4s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 98/100 🚀

The Rich Day Group is a real estate investment company based in the United States. They invest in both residential and commercial real estate that aims to provide comfortable luxury for residence. The WordPress website we created reflects the same luxury and high quality.

We were able to tackle the challenge of creating an investor’s panel in this project. Additionally, we added two key animations in keeping with the overall feel of the website. The first animation being the counter, and the second is using Modals to portray an image behind a logo. Moreover, Modals enabled us to make each image a pop-up box. Each pop-up box contained more information about any given property.

Elium Health
  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 99 / 100 🚀

Elium Health provides psychiatric care for its customers either in the office or via teletherapy. It offers a wide range of treatments and therapies. Some of the therapies that they offer include individual counselling, marriage counselling, medication management, ketamine therapy, ADHD testing and much more.

We provided Elium Health an ultra-fast WordPress website that loads in less than one second. This website has many key features and animations. Some of these features include scrolling text, a slider, a disappearing header, and so much more. We did not have major challenges with this project, more cosmetic details such as embedding Google Maps via an API.

  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 100/100 🚀

Forethought is working on human-centered AI to move customer service to higher level. Their website needed to reflect high standards and future-based approach.

The biggest challenge was to create website with many animations and in the same time keep high scores. We manage to do it and the website is not only beautiful but also has passed all scores as well Google Page Speed and GTMetrix. Beside animations Forethought website has many blocks and sections with over sixteen dedicated hero sections. With ability to edit and reorder sections we’ve built huge website which is fully customizable. Moreover managing the website is easy and enjoyable.

  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Desktop) 100/100 🚀

Brave marketing website for a marketing agency. Based on the delivered designs we have developed Front-End code and integrated that with WordPress CMS.

We’re proud of the animations which have been created by our team, especially on the About us subpage. Moreover, we really cared to make sure that the entire website will have gorgeous scores, and we did it!

  • Load time 0.9s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (96%) 🚀

The aim of this project was to create a light, solely front-end based website without any CMS. The template was developed using nunjucks and thanks to a clear-cut, minimalistic design, the final feeling of the website is really smooth and the site itself is easy to follow

  • Load time 0.9s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (99%) 🚀

Our WordPress Agency created a brand new website for SUSO from A to Z. The brief was to create a unique design, with animation elements, without deviating too far away from clean B2B website design. The objective was to represent a fun, intelligent, technical, motivated company in an original way, unlike anything else seen from an SEO brand.

  • Load time 0.9s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (94%) 🚀

We built for Osano Front-End based on the layout they have prepared. Everything’s based on the Bootstrap 4 principles, including styling of Hubspot elements like navigation or forms

Bank of Mom
  • Load time 0.5s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (97%) 🚀

A simple and elegant website for Canada’s BC government. All forms are integrated with Spark CRM. Everything’s based on a dedicated WordPress theme.

InSoma Bio
  • Load time 0.8s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (99%) 🚀

WordPress CMS based project which has been built from scratch on our great development principles.

There are a lot of big SVG graphics, animations, some cool switchers like the Cold / Warm that can be found on the Technology subpage — and even with such highly advanced structure we still managed to maintain the fluidity and impressive pace of performance.

  • Load time 1.1s 🔥
  • GTmetrix B (89%) 🚀

Website for a German Control Room Technology and Monitoring Systems Event. The project was conceived with a cosmic theme in mind. It uses some interesting features, such as dedicated GSAP animations, lazyloaded images, counters, advanced sign-up forms, and many more. The project was based on a dedicated WordPress theme.

Creative Copywriter
  • Load time 0.8s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (99%) 🚀

We built Front-End and made Wordpress integration based on the design delivered by Creative Copywriter.

The website has a few cool features like an arrow in the corner which allows to easily jump between the sections, letters based on the mouse moving, lazy loaded images, and many more. The whole project was built on our own framework called Crunch

The Decision Lab
  • Load time 1.3s 🔥
  • GTmetrix B (85%) 🚀

We built for The Decision Lab Front-End for a great design, and WordPress Back-End they prepared. Everything’s based on the bespoke WordPress theme built on Bootstrap 4 principles

Jowita Emberton
  • Load time 0.8s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (99%) 🚀

A portfolio website based on an amazing design by Jowita Emberton, an expert UI/UX Designer. For Jowita, we’ve developed a completely bespoke WordPress website.

Malerbetrieb Kluge
  • Load time 0.9s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (92%) 🚀

A website designed for a German team of painters. It boasts several cool features, such as a mouse animated Hero Section on the homepage, fade in / out animations, lazy-loaded images, counters, and more. The entire project was based on a dedicated WordPress theme.
  • Load time 0.5s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 94/100 🚀 leads the AI frontier, shaping tailored solutions to revolutionize customer support and knowledge management. Their mission centers on leveraging AI’s transformative power to enhance customer service, focusing on streamlining ticket resolutions and predicting responses with precision. We recently handled their website development and now we are back tackling all support aspects.

Our team first prioritized QA testing and bug resolution. This involved aligning mobile and desktop views and ensuring coherence in footer icons. We also bolstered security with two-factor authentication and robust header configurations. Website optimization included HTTPS protocol conversion, fixing image sizes, and conducting a thorough SEO audit. Achieving Google Page Speed scores of 94/100 on mobile and nearly all 100/100 on desktop, with a rapid load time of 0.5 seconds on Pingdom, highlights our success. Key features added include homepage internal links, detailed author bios, related posts modules, and blog post tables of contents.

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