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Check out our latest case study. In this case, we explain key features, along with fast page load time and website optimization result achievements.

Speedy WordPress site

Elium Health provides their customers with mental health care through therapy. They offer a wide range of treatments such as individual therapy, couples therapy, medication management and more. We created a simple yet comprehensive website using WordPress. Check it out here. We added several custom features and animations.

Additionally, we were able to optimize their website to achieve excellent results on Pingdom Website Speed Test, PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. Our customer’s received a fast WordPress website that has loads of features and animations. They did not have to sacrifice content for a better optimized webpage.

Fast WordPress website

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with ultra-fast websites on WordPress that are highly optimized. This allows our customer’s website to achieve high ranking on Google and similar browsers.

pingdom website speed test - elium health
Pingdom Website Speed Test Results
PageSpeed Insights - Desktop results
PageSpeed Insights – Desktop results
PageSpeed Insights - Mobile results
PageSpeed Insights – Mobile results
GT-metrix - elium health
GTmetrix results

How did we achieve such speedy results for this WordPress website?

So here at Acclaim, we follow specific guidelines to ensure a speedy site, that is also highly optimized. Some of those guidelines include:

  1. Firstly, we set up WP Rocket
  2. Next, we use one of the best hostings avaliable – Cloudways. Use our link to 👉 set up your next website 👈 and save some money.
  3. Finally, we combine the WP Rocket setup with the Breeze plugin setup from Cloudways, which helped draw the final result

Our key principle ✨ is loading only the packages with styles and scripts needed at the moment. This principle allows the user to get mainly what they require in terms of content. This is usually in the first section (above the fold).

Also, we ensure to minify everything possible, such as media files, JavaScript and CSS files along with HTML files. This way the files are not heavy and will load much faster.

Key features of ultra-fast WordPress site 

Check out the features that were made possible by our 👉 WordPress development 👈 team.


We have a GSAP library that fades in and out throughout the entire website. In order to be able to see this effect, all you have to do this scroll through the website. Check out our video of this effect 👇

Scrolling text

For our customer we created scrolling text on their homepage. This feature was added thanks to JavasScript and custom CSS.

Animated header

A cool custom animation that we developed for our customer is a disappearing header. When, you scroll throughout the website, the header disappears. Meanwhile, leaving only the call-to-action button.

Tabs plugin

This next feature is possible by using Bootstrap tabs and CSS. You can click on any element to see more details, such as an image and short description.


We created a slider or carousel of images using a new JavaScript library. This slider in intuitive and user-friendly. You can click on either of the arrows to scroll through the photos.

Accordion with read more button

For the FAQ section of this website, we used BootStrap to create an accordion. You can learn more with a simple click on the ➕. Furthermore, we added a button that allows you to see more options. This button was added with JavaScript and CSS.

Fast WordPress website challenge

Embedding Google Maps

For this website, we had to show 2 different locations using Google Maps API. This was not a challenge for us per se, but for many of our customers this is an issue.

google maps api
Google map locations

Fast WordPress website summary

For our customer, we were able to create a fast WordPress website that is highly optimized for search engines such as Google. This was made possible by using Cloudways as our host. Furthermore, we were able to create a website with great web performance by minifying all possible files such HTML or JavaScript. Our team of talented developers were able to create various animations. Some of our favorite animations include a disappearing header, slider and scrolling text. If you are curious about any of these features and animations, 👉 contact us 👈 for a free consultation.

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