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About Acclaim

We do business with agencies from all over the world

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It’s our passion

We put our heart into every project because we’re passionate about making great websites.

That’s why we have our own in-house testing team, and follow a workflow that we have built from scratch called Crunch (we’ll get to that in a minute).

We want to help you grow

We’re flexible too. Hire us on a project-by-project basis, or work with us regularly on retainer.

We’re always looking for enthusiastic agencies who are looking to grow their digital offering, so why not get in touch and find out how we can help?

Why us?

Years of experience

We’ve worked with other agencies and helped them successfully outsource their projects and scale their production considerably. That’s why you can be sure that no project is too complex for us, and we’ll finish your orders on time.


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Years of experience

Our Team

Quality code from a quality team

Dawid Stasiak

Dawid Stasiak

CEO and Founder

Sebastian Ślęczka


Celina Wijata

Project Mananger

Sandra Jabłońska

Project Mananger

Kinga Ból

People & Culture
Daniel Stasiak

Daniel Stasiak

Front-End Developer

Rachela Markwica

Front-End Developer
Damian Ból

Damian Ból

Front-End Developer

Bartłomiej Mąkina

Front-End Developer

Kamil Pietrewicz

Full Stack Developer

Krzysztof Majstrowicz

Front-End Developer
Daniel Gładysz

Daniel Gładysz

Front-End Developer

Adrian Widerski

Full Stack Developer

Rafał Wawrzyk

React Developer

Sebastian Kopiczko

Front-End Developer

Dominik Nowak

Back-End Developer

Michał Kobyłt

Front-End Developer

Dorota Szostak

Front-End Developer

Adrian Guba

Back-End Developer

Marina Udovenko

Front-End Developer

Kamil Balda

React Developer
Anna Wienkowska

Anna Winkowska

QA Tester

Dominika Szewczyk

QA Tester

New talent is always welcome

We appreciate talent and strive to create an environment where talented people thrive. If that sounds like you, join us!

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How will we approach your project?

If you want to code your PSD file into an HTML or WordPress website or the other way around, Acclaim may have just the solution for you. With an experienced team of highly trained, talented developers, we use hand-coding to flawlessly integrate your website into the selected format.

We utilise the most advanced code available, compliant with W3C standards. You can be certain that your website will not only run smoothly but also load fast and be perfectly geared towards SEO operations. The process is simple:

1 First


Send us the design files or hire us for the creating UI/UX design and specify your requirements

2 Second


We go over the files to determine the estimated time of the operations, as well as the price

3 Third


We execute your vision in code and create the website directly based on your requirements using best practices and the principles of SEO

4 Fourth


We always follow through by extensively testing our code and making sure it is fully functional.

5 Fifth


The product is ready and delivered to you at the previously established time


We use cutting edge technology to create a custom-made website tailored to your specific business needs.

We pride ourselves in using the latest technologies and best practices out of the web development world, to create robust and efficient websites.

Our technology stack includes the latest WordPress version, Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design, SCSS with BEM, JS ES6+, React, Vue JS, Webpack, PHP7, MySQL and WooCommerce among many others.

Our great workflow: Crunch

Crunch is our custom-built workflow that ensures your site’s fast and smooth running with small server requests. It’s taken us 3 years and we’re still improving it, with weekly refinements and updates. Through this workflow, we are able to deliver high-end projects that adhere to the newest standards with semantic code and SEO principals.

Let’s scale up your business together!

We’re ready to help you handle more projects from your clients.

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