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We can build a website that loads in less than one second and has more than 90 points on Page Speed Insights (mobile).

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What is website speed?

Website speed is how fast a browser can load and display all your webpage elements to any given user. This is a key element in terms of website performance and web optimization.

Why is a fast website important?

So let me start off by saying that we as consumers are heavily mobile focused. The same goes for browsers such as Google, they care about your websites’ optimization for mobile devices. This is why the mobile first approach is crucial. Most of the traffic on websites is from mobile phones, tablets etc.

Mobile devices have replaced computers, not everyone has a computer, but almost everyone has a smartphone from which they can enter your website. This is why you want your website to load ultra-fast on your phone. This aspect is in our opinion more significant than the desktop.

Furthermore, we are sure you have had an experience where you open up a website, and if it does not load right away, you exit out. If you are a business owner, you want to avoid this effect when it comes to your website.

Website speed & performance

So when having your own website developed, you want to put a huge focus on website speed and performance. There are many ways to achieve an ultra-fast website from the beginning stages of development. Also, you can make several changes to an existing website to achieve a speedier website.

Practices to increase website speed

Some practices that we implement to increase your website speed include:

  • Preloading necessary files – loading necessary files first and other elements later
  • Use only necessary styles and scripts – avoid adding styles and scripts that will not be used on your website, they will slow down your website
  • Use Cumulative layout – you want to avoid a screen jumping effect, which happens when almost all elements are loaded and then suddenly the elements jump and the layout changes. This is very bad and slows down your website.
  • Writing mobile-first code – Google loves websites that are optimized and created for mobile devices first and then desktop.

Our team of website developers can create for an ultra-fast website that will increase the success of your business.

How can I measure website speed?

Before changing a website, you should measure how well a website performs. It is possible to analyze page speed using several tools. Two popular solution for beginners are Pingdom Website Speedtest or GTmetrix, which is an easy-to-use solution.

We recommend utilizing Google PageSpeed Analytics. This is an efficient tool for measuring and testing speed on web pages from desktops and mobile devices. Moreover, Google’s support allows it to ensure a high search ranking on Google. We also use Google Lighthouse to monitor website performance, run audits and analyze optimization for search engines.

Mobile users

Fast mobile page speed is good for business

Developers should code websites with mobile devices in mind. Your website needs to not only be optimized for the desktop users but also for mobile users. Most individual’s do almost everything on their phones. This goes from paying the bills to shopping online and obviously just browsing various sites. Therefore, your website needs to be ultra-fast on mobile. Various studies have shown that in terms of mobile, if your site does not load in less than 2 seconds, users will leave.

What does this mean for your net income?

When users accessing your site, leave due to poor web pages, it ultimately means lower conversions. Lower conversions mean fewer customers and less money for you. This is why is it worth investing in a speedy website.

Site speed

Why evaluating page speed is important?

Page loading time is an Internet speed metrics showing the time required for the page to display. How does website speed optimization impact conversion rates? Conversion is a vital element of the success of the business. They can purchase your products by registering for newsletters or by attending webinars. The more pages loaded, the more conversion it has. According to HubSpot research, one-second delays reduce conversion rates by seven percent.

Specfic skills

User experience

According to a recent study done that for each 100ms faster page loading leads to a 1% increase in sales on Amazon. You, too, can receive similar results by ensuring that you have a fast website.

Our developers can create a website that will load in less than one second and can achieve results above 90 on Page Speed Insights (mobile).

A slow loading website will cause people to exit out just as fast as they clicked the link, it’s that simple.

Business growth

SEO & social media rankings

A key factor that is important in both search engine ranks and on social media platforms like Facebook, is the speed of your website. This one of the key factors that Google crawlers identify to help rank your website.

The faster your website, the higher you’re ranking in search engines. What comes after that?

Higher conversion rates = more customers = higher profit!

Bounce rate

If your website loads in 3 seconds or more, chances are the user will exit after only viewing one page. In many cases they won’t even look through the entire webpage.

The average bounce rate for a WordPress website can vary. But a typical benchmark for most websites is around 40% to 55%. Anything higher than that, is cause for concern and you should seek help of professionals to help minimize that bounce rate.

Website speed testing

Tools to test site speed

page speed insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed insights measures the performance of your entire page on mobile devices and on the desktop.



GTmetrix allows you to test your website on various devices and from different browsers. It provides a wide range of analysis to ensure your web page has the best performance.

Pingdom speed test

Pingdom Speed Test

This test is designed to show you how fast your website loads. It shows you any errors when it comes to load times. It shows you page size, performance grade and load time.


How we build your fast website?

If you want to code your Figma file into an ultra-fast website using WordPress, we are the perfect choice for you. Acclaim is an experienced team of highly trained, talented developers, who will carefully hand-code the project to flawlessly integrate your website into the selected design.

We utilize the most advanced coding practices available, compliant with W3C standards. You can be certain that your website will not only run smoothly, but also load fast and be perfectly geared towards SEO operations. The process is simple:

1 First


Send us the design files or hire us for the creating UI/UX design and specify your requirements

2 Second


We go over the files to determine the estimated time of the operations, as well as the price

3 Third


We execute your vision in code and create the website directly based on your requirements using best practices and the principles of SEO

4 Fourth


We always follow through by extensively testing our code and making sure it is fully functional.

5 Fifth


The product is ready and delivered to you at the previously agreed-upon time

Website speed optimization tips

Components that affect page load speed

Large number of HTTP requests

Each browser has a limit to the number of HTTP requests that you can make. An HTTP request is basically accessing a file, page or image. Typically, your browser can carry out around 10 to 12 requests before slowing down. In some cases it may stop working altogether.

There are a few ways we can fix this problem. Firstly, we can combine CSS and JS files. Another solution is enable browser caching. Lastly, we can use a method called lazy loading.

Large file sizes & page sizes

Fetching large files and large pages is time consuming. That is why it is best to compress media files whenever possible. Furthermore, compress HTML and CSS files by 50 to 70% to save time. This will help improve site speed and website performance.

Not using content delivery network cdn

So, firstly let us explain what a Content delivery network does. A content delivery network cdn allows you to distribute your website in various locations at a much faster rate than your average web server. It does this by choosing local servers to distribute your web pages. So if you are trying to make your website more accessible to people in the USA, you may choose a CDN that is located in California to speed up the process.

Acceptable page speeds

What page speed is good enough?

If you want a quick answer, anything below 2 seconds is usually good enough. It will gain you higher rankings on Google.

It is important to remember that websites do not load all at once. Websites load one component at a time. Website speed will vary between various web pages. Moreover, it will vary between users. When you access a certain website, it may load faster, than a website user who uses the exact some website using a different browser and in a different location.

What is the average page load time in the USA?

According to the average page load time in the USA is about 15 seconds. This was way back in 2019, the result in 2022 is probably much lower. We want everything instantly, so modern technology has to keep up with that.

Does average page speed change based on industry?

Yes, average page speed changes based on various industries. In certain industries, websites contain more content or more complex functions that can directly impact page speed.

Some industries that may have slow websites include the automotive industry, the travel industry, and the retail industry. However, it is important to remember that it does not have to be this way. You can have a business in this industry and have an ultra-fast website.

Recent Projects

High-quality custom-made websites we made recently for our clients

We’ve worked with agencies all over the world creating websites with the latest technologies and techniques – as evident by the testimonials. We make sure our clients are happy and satisfied with our services.

  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Desktop) 100/100 🚀

Brave marketing website for a marketing agency. Based on the delivered designs we have developed Front-End code and integrated that with WordPress CMS.

We’re proud of the animations which have been created by our team, especially on the About us subpage. Moreover, we really cared to make sure that the entire website will have gorgeous scores, and we did it!

  • Load time 0.7s 🔥
  • Page Speed (Mobile) 100/100 🚀

Forethought is working on human-centered AI to move customer service to higher level. Their website needed to reflect high standards and future-based approach.

The biggest challenge was to create website with many animations and in the same time keep high scores. We manage to do it and the website is not only beautiful but also has passed all scores as well Google Page Speed and GTMetrix. Beside animations Forethought website has many blocks and sections with over sixteen dedicated hero sections. With ability to edit and reorder sections we’ve built huge website which is fully customizable. Moreover managing the website is easy and enjoyable.

  • Load time 0.9s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (99%) 🚀

Our WordPress Agency created a brand new website for SUSO from A to Z. The brief was to create a unique design, with animation elements, without deviating too far away from clean B2B website design. The objective was to represent a fun, intelligent, technical, motivated company in an original way, unlike anything else seen from an SEO brand.

  • Load time 0.9s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (96%) 🚀

The aim of this project was to create a light, solely front-end based website without any CMS. The template was developed using nunjucks and thanks to a clear-cut, minimalistic design, the final feeling of the website is really smooth and the site itself is easy to follow

InSoma Bio
  • Load time 0.8s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (99%) 🚀

WordPress CMS based project which has been built from scratch on our great development principles.

There are a lot of big SVG graphics, animations, some cool switchers like the Cold / Warm that can be found on the Technology subpage — and even with such highly advanced structure we still managed to maintain the fluidity and impressive pace of performance.

Creative Copywriter
  • Load time 0.8s 🔥
  • GTmetrix A (99%) 🚀

We built Front-End and made WordPress integration based on the design delivered by Creative Copywriter.

The website has a few cool features like an arrow in the corner which allows to easily jump between the sections, letters based on the mouse moving, lazy loaded images, and many more. The whole project was built on our own framework called Crunch

Should I pick WordPress to build a speedy site?

Can a WordPress site be fast-loading?

WordPress websites can be fast loading websites through a combination of factors and best practices. Firstly, selecting a custom theme development. A well-optimized WordPress theme is crucial, as it forms the foundation of the site’s performance.

Utilizing efficient coding techniques, such as minimizing CSS and JavaScript, can significantly reduce page load times. Additionally, implementing strategies such as:

  • browser caching,
  • content delivery networks (CDNs),
  • and image optimization tools

can help to reduce server load and minimize data transfer.

Regularly updating WordPress and its plugins is essential to benefit from performance enhancements and security fixes. Lastly, enabling server-side caching, compressing files, and minimizing HTTP requests all contribute to faster loading times. Thus resulting in a smoother and more user-friendly experience for visitors.


Frequently asked questions about ultra fast websites

The best website speed on average is around 600 milliseconds. Anything longer than that and user’s will leave your website. Our developers aim to optimize your website speed to meet that average speed, if not less than that.

Check out our recent project 👉 ELIUM HEALTH 👈 this website loads ultra-fast!

There are so many factors that determine how fast a website loads, some of which include:

  • CSS and JavaScript files
  • Types of media files and their sizes
  • HTML files
  • Hosting provider

Web optimization is the process in which your website runs your business. Website optimization includes speeding up page load time. It means boosting website performance. It can involve using a content delivery network to distribute your content faster to various locations.

This also encompasses search engine optimization and marketing. Furthermore, website optimization is creating a responsive website that is suitable for various devices and screen sizes.

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