Why is remote work better than in-office work? A WordPress development team’s perspective

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Acclaim is a fully remotely working Software House with developers based across Poland. In this article we want to prove that working remotely works great for us!

Acclaim's team

Nowadays, communication is very important, which is the key to your business success. Remote working has a positive impact not only on modern business but also on employee’s satisfaction and satisfaction with their work which translates directly into the quality of provided services and goods. 

In remote work, we face far more challenges than in stationary work. Here we are helped by technology, which implementation in a team is able to help us achieve the goal by providing high-quality services. 

Increased productivity

Working from home, we have to take care of our own workstation. Thanks to this we do not have imposed working conditions and we can fully concentrate on our work and not on our colleagues looking for the floor with their feet.

Companies choosing the remote working model do not have to spend a lot of money on the office, but instead can invest more money in technology or tools to improve the quality of work. A perfect example is the automated development verification process, which checks, tests, and sends changes directly to the server.

Motivated, healthier and happier team

Working remotely we do not waste our precious time. We don’t stand in traffic jams while commuting to work, we don’t spend many hours on boring meetings and we aren’t questioned by a colleague who has come across a problem he can’t cope with. At Acclaim, we use Nozbe to get rid of procrastination and never let tasks wait for a few days or weeks! 

A process tailored to your business

All activities that are performed under WordPress Developer services have a specific order and time in which they should happen. Thanks to the processes we have built, we can be sure that no important thing will miss us. 

In the development process, especially remote ones, the organization of work is important. In Acclaim, we have prepared a huge set of procedures, thanks to which programmers never repeat their work. For many of the agencies we work with, we have prepared dedicated procedures to fit their requirements in cutting PSD to WordPress pages. Don’t worry, though, you’re not limited to Photoshop! We also offer working with Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma designs. 

Remote teams have nothing to hide

Thanks to remote work, automation, and processes they have nothing to hide. The client can see at any time at what stage of his project, reports can be generated automatically without the need to spend time on preparing such a report. The client is also in constant communication with the team thanks to such tools as Slack, Zoom or Google Meets. 

Team play for the right cause

The fact that we can’t make jokes with our colleagues at work during a coffee break means that we have to be more careful about keeping the relationship at a distance. Remote relationships are so characteristic that we focus on completely different aspects, we are much more concerned about solving the problem of a teammate.

In Acclaim we have a clear goal, we all play to one goal and feel like we’re in a match. By helping our teammate, we contribute to the project he is working on. The ideal example during WordPress site development is to get stuck in a place where we have no idea what to do, by calling a teammate and sharing our screen we are able to deal with the problem immediately.  We automate the development process through tools such as pipelines, style liners and JavaScript, automatic tests and unit tests. 

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