6 reasons why you shouldn’t use pre-made WordPress themes

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Find out why a pre-made WordPress theme may not be the best solution for your next website project. Learn what better WordPress development solutions are available for you on the market.

Pre-made WordPress themes

There are many WordPress themes available to choose from and the price point is very attractive, especially for those who are just beginning their journey with web development. However, many WordPress site users are unaware of how tricky and problematic pre-made WordPress themes can be in the long term.

Pre-defined WordPress themes are a great starting point, but if your goal is to create a website that will earn you money in the long term, you should consider our custom-made WordPress themes.

Continue reading to learn more about WordPress themes and the best solutions for you.

What are WordPress themes?

WordPress Themes are ready to be designed and developed on WordPress.com. This system is widely used in the industry of blogging and news websites. These WordPress templates provide customizable options. Their goal is to make the creation or easy redesign of a website’s content.

These WordPress themes are popular among business owners. They are popular because this website building tool offers:

  • website layout options
  • custom background settings
  • builder plugin
  • social media integration

For more information about a new website for your website, check out 👉 WordPress Development 👈

What is included in themes on websites and online stores?

The theme forms the basis of a web page. The theme is heavily the visual aspect of your website. It is the part that your website users see when they visit your website.

It includes everything such as typography, color schemes, fonts, headers, footers, background, and layout.

Multiple page templates

When you choose a multiple-page web design as opposed to a single web, you gain more freedom in terms of expanding your business.

Multiple page templates allow you greater scalability because you expand on your existing menu with submenus and categories. Modern WordPress themes will offer you multiple page templates to give you the opportunity to create multiple landing pages.

Some of your page templates can be used to create landing pages such as:

  • About us
  • Services
  • Contact us
Free wordpress themes with multiple page templates

Includes custom widgets

Custom widgets allow us to add content and media to certain areas of our website. A common custom widget on wordpress is the sidebar or side menu. Custom widgets are vital element of your website.

Custom widgets make editing your website easier, especially if you are not a developer. To be honest even young children will understand how to edit a website using theme customization. Theme options have the following capabilities:

  • Header, footer and background editor
  • Font editor
  • Layout editing
  • so much more

Moreover, it is possible to see the changes in real time by using the preview feature. Upon updating the file, changes are automatically saved.

Custom Post Types & Post Format

Let’s start off by defining the difference between custom post types and post formats. A custom post type can be a blog, a portfolio, or even a product category.

So for example if you have a website about beauty and you want to add posts about beauty products & secrets. Then these posts would be considered a custom post type. You can create as many custom post types as you require for your business.

Moreover, custom post types can also be things such as employee profiles, services etc.

A custom post format on the other hand is the way we display information. For example, you want your customer to see a post title, a featured image, and a short excerpt. As opposed to just a post title and a short excerpt.

There are many ways to use a different kinds of posts in order to highlight different information. All of the pages on a website are unique in that magic. Simply browse a list of available formats to post to, each format can be customized based on your preference.

Many Elementor Widgets

In the process of simplifying embedding media content, you can utilize content widgets to output elements such as a grid, a list, tabs, and videos. The custom widget contains an entire set of options available for pages.

Some other custom widgets available on elementor page builder plugin include:

  • Contact forms
  • Website menus
  • Call to Action buttons

Blogging theme

WordPress themes offer many blog post format options. Additionally, it also offers a wide selection for portfolio websites. WordPress was originally designed with bloggers, designers, etc in mind. Having a blog on your website is crucial for user interaction and SEO optimization. Therefore, choosing the right blog theme is important to invite website users to further view your page.

Theme features

How many types of themes are there on WordPress?

WordPress has basically 3 different styles: Premium, Standard, and Free. Each of these styles has more or less custom theme options.

So you are probably wondering what is a premium theme?

First of all, a premium theme is not free. Secondly, these themes are usually created and developed by professional WordPress development companies like us. Learn more about the team at 👉 Acclaim 👈

Premium themes offer some of the following benefits

  • highly customizable theme
  • responsive themes
  • functionality
  • better security

Are free WordPress themes good for your website?

So you might be wondering is it worth considering a free theme for your website? You may have noticed that there are many free themes available, and maybe it is worth it?

The short answer is it depends on what you are looking to accomplish with your overall website.

While WordPress themes can make your website more functional in some aspects. Additionally, some of these WordPress themes can offer many amazing features. There is another side to wordpress themes that many individuals do not take into account.

Some pre-made WordPress themes and WordPress templates can leave with many problems. We will discuss some of these concerns shortly.

Many of the available free WordPress themes are developed to a certain standard and offer some security. However, they may not be able to necessarily offer everything that you need. This is especially true in terms of functionality, design, etc.

Free wordpress themes for your own website

Why the best free wordpress themes are not right solution for my website?

Here are some reasons why it is best to avoid pre-made WordPress themes:

Problems with WordPress site customization

So many WordPress themes present this dream that they are easy to customize. Furthermore, these WordPress templates offer a user-friendly content management system. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is just a dream. To some degree, WordPress themes and templates allow you to easily edit some content. However, there are many limitations.

WordPress websites that use WordPress themes can have poor quality code. You may wonder what does this mean in the long run?

WordPress theme with poor quality codes

Poorly written code or poor quality coding can lead to issues such as:

  • Security loop wholes – makes your site more vulnerable to hacking
  • Increased stress and time during maintenance, updates, or rebuilds
  • Problems with functionality on both ends – the developer and the user

For more information on common problems that may occur during web development, check out our 👉 blog page 👈

Another key issue on top of poor quality coding is your theme may have limited customization options. For example, you may want to style your contact form using specific colors, styles, fonts, etc. that your pre-made theme may not allow.

In order to fix this type of problem, the WordPress developer needs to overwrite pre-existing code. This can be problematic and time-consuming. You may further complicate this issue if you decide to hire a freelance WordPress Developer.

Freelance WordPress developers can be great, but the saying you get what you pay for is so true in this scenario. Some freelance WordPress developers will create a wordpress theme that only they know how to use and edit. Therefore, you as the website owner cannot make even minor changes.

You may also find that you have no control over the overall quality of your website. When you hire a professional 👉 WordPress development 👈 company, you will have a QA tester working alongside developers to ensure top-quality work.

WordPress theme with poor code quality on screen

Swapping WordPress themes

Every company goes through rebranding, upgrading, or refreshing. In these situations, we may want to consider a brand-new WordPress theme. However, swapping WordPress themes may not be as simple as it is presented to the average user.

Switching WordPress themes can lead to the loss of valuable content. This is a huge pain that can be avoided when using a professional WordPress website development team. Additionally, swapping WordPress themes can be simple when you have a bespoke design, as opposed to one that is pre-made.

WordPress theme & apparent cost savings

You may find yourself prone to installing one of these WordPress themes because it is inexpensive. You think you will save some money on website development that in some cases is expensive.

However, the motif or readily available WordPress theme is not as easy to run as it may appear. WordPress themes along with their WordPress templates require specific skills. Moreover, they do require a fair bit of work in order to function properly.

Another big misconception with WordPress themes is that you do not need the help of a developer. This is far from the truth. WordPress themes do require a professional WordPress developer to achieve the desired results.

Free wordpress theme

The website will look like the competitors’

Popular free WordPress themes will all look similar, and you do not want that for your website. You will not be able to stand out from your competitors. Using the same modern WordPress themes, like everyone else, is a poor branding decision.

You want a WordPress theme that will stand out among all the other websites, that we see every day. This is why we recommend going the alternative route and investing in a custom made WordPress theme created by our developers.

Poor SEO optimization for free WordPress theme

A modern WordPress theme may offer SEO plugins such as Yoast or All-in-One. However, these built-in plugins are not enough. They are not enough when you have other aspects in WordPress themes that block search engine optimization. One major block is that free WordPress themes lack semantic HTML codes.

The lack of semantic HTML code leads to poor SEO optimization. Let me explain why?

Semantic HTML code supports the meaning of the content that is displayed on your website. Semantic code is heavily in charge of ensuring that Google bots and other search engines understand the content.

For more information about how to better optimize your own website, check out our blog page on 👉 SEO-friendly landing pages. 👈

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Slow load times with poor Google Page Insight metrics

Pre-made WordPress themes tend to have slow load times when running through website performance tests. Website performance testers such as PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, and GTMetrics.

Slow load times are a direct result of popular WordPress themes containing various page builder plugins. You will have many options available that come with stylish designs. Some of these popular page builders include Elementor, WP Bakery, Gutenberg, and much more.

These page builders allow you to modify your website layout to better suit your business niche. Furthermore, WordPress themes feature simple navigation. This is all great for an average web user.

However, these WordPress template options can negatively impact page loading time. The reason being is the website has to run lots of scripts. The scripts before they are rendered by the server, require time.

Slow load times equal lower rankings on Google and other search engines. This is because users will quickly exit your site, if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. Furthermore, a slow loading page will often lower conversion rates.

A slow load time is overall bad for business. You can avoid this by investing in a professionally developed WordPress theme.

Mobile device accessibility issues

Mobile friendly wordpress themes

In many cases, these free WordPress themes are not mobile device-friendly. This is a huge disadvantage. Especially when we live in a world, where everyone is constantly on their phones.

A website that is not built with mobile-first in mind. It loses potential customers and is considered to be behind the times.

If you want to get ahead and future-proof 🚀 your website, consider Jamstack.

Why is it worth spending more to have a professional bespoke WordPress theme?

Our professional WordPress theme development offer is catered to meet all your online needs. We will make your WordPress theme look good across all web browsers. In addition, our WordPress sites are fully mobile responsive. They allow users to visit your site anytime on their mobile devices. Moreover, we make all of our WordPress sites highly SEO-friendly.

All these aspects will make it easier for people to learn about your company. Therefore, take advantage of professional WordPress website development services. These costs may be bigger in the beginning. However, it will save you a world of trouble.

Beautiful WordPress theme

We can create for you a beautiful WordPress theme for a highly functional and responsive website.

Our bespoke themes can offer you everything a free WordPress theme can and so much more. When investing in our fully responsive WordPress site you can sleep easy knowing that your website is going to be SEO friendly, have a fast loading theme, and an easy-to-use page builder. We use popular WordPress plugins and custom widgets that will improve the look and functionality of your website.

Check out some of our recent projects with 👉 beautiful WordPress themes 👈

Multipurpose WordPress theme

We develop multipurpose WordPress themes to better suit your business. You may not have to search through the pre-existing free WordPress theme options that are available to find the best fit. We can shorten this process by actively listening to your needs and providing you with a WordPress theme that is adequately suited for you.

Multiple theme options

In custom WordPress theme development, you are able to use other nonstandard options. With us, you are not limited in the way you change the look of your website.

Make your own uniqueness by accessing a hundred helpful options from the Customize editor. You can change themes quickly: improve typography and navigation. You can do this intuitively using the sliders on blog pages, portfolios, and pages footers until you can enjoy all the details of the layout.

Fully responsive WordPress theme

We can develop for you the best WordPress theme. Thanks to our solutions your site will adapt to any screen resolution on any computer, removing unnecessary content in any form. It helps improve UX / Search Engine Optimization because all visitors perceive it differently.

Make your WordPress website special

We offer custom WordPress themes that will make your WordPress website special. Our custom WordPress themes offer a responsive design. The responsive design allows for multiple layout options, flexible images, google fonts, custom widgets and so much more.

Furthermore, our custom WordPress theme will help you create landing pages that are better suited to your business niche. We are able to give you more options and create a multipurpose WordPress theme.

WordPress theme with API integration options

API integration is a key aspect of most websites and e-commerce stores. An API gives you the ability to take data from one platform and use it in another.

For example, the orders that come to your online store are being sent to your Gmail inbox. Another example is notifications of when an order was sent to your email and to your invoice plugin.

Integrating an external API can be tricky with some WordPress themes. However, with our bespoke WordPress themes, API integration is simple.

Dedicated bespoke WordPress theme for mobile device

When you decide to use our professionally developed WordPress themes you are guaranteed that they will be suitable for mobile devices.

In fact, we create a specific WordPress theme for mobile devices. You can pick and choose which content you want to be displayed on mobile devices. Additionally, you can pick how you want your content to be displayed.

Free WordPress themes offer limited options when it comes to mobile-friendly web themes. This is why, if you want to be ahead with the times, pick a professional bespoke WordPress theme.

WordPress themes with CRM integration possibilities

When our WordPress developers create a custom theme for your website, it will be suitable for most CRM integrations. This is not always the case with free WordPress themes.

Our professionally developed WordPress theme can be integrated with popular CRM options such as:

  • Hubspot
  • Jetpack CRM
  • Groundhogg

These CRM options allow you to collect customer information immediately. Furthermore, you can set features, filters, and attributes to get specific results and information. For example, you can set filters for specific locations.

WordPress theme on Web applications

WordPress theme was originally created with bloggers in mind. These free WordPress theme choices gave bloggers the ability to choose a pretty website layout along with post formats. However, WordPress has expanded greatly and is now used by a wide majority of the population for various business purposes.

WordPress can be used to create progressive web applications. This can be done with the help of WordPress themes. A WordPress theme can be used to create a web application without coding everything from scratch.

However, any pre-made WordPress theme can cause many issues in the long term. Therefore, we suggest our custom theme options.

WordPress theme and woocommerce integration

Most WordPress themes can be used with woocommerce for your online store. However, we strongly recommend using our custom wordpress themes as opposed to those that are provided by WordPress for free.

Using even the best free wordpress themes with Woocommerce can prove to be complicated. In many cases added plugins, widgets and codes need to be included to provide you with a well running online shop.

Woocommerce support for your online store

FAQs about WordPress site

So hopefully we encouraged you to switch from popular WordPress themes and switch to professionally developed custom WordPress themes. However, you might still ponder over certain aspects regarding WordPress website development. Below, our team has composed a list of questions and answers that are commonly asked among our clients.

WordPress theme developer

How many WordPress themes can I use on my site?

On a website, you only need one theme. This is a single theme, ‘actively active’. Despite the limitation, there are themes available for free for WordPress. Some pre-made themes you use can be a little tricky to use in your business.

So instead of getting frustrated with pre-made theme, get one of our bespoke wordpress themes. We can create a theme for your website that will be exactly what you want and need. You will not need to sacrifice functionality or appearance. Our WordPress developers will allow you to have it all.

Are template and theme the same thing on a WordPress site?

How do I differentiate WordPress Theme from Templates? The biggest difference between a WordPress template and a theme is the page count. Themes affect the layout of a website. Templates impact the layout of a webpage.

How do I customize the WordPress themes?

It’s easy to edit these bespoke designs quickly. WordPress has been built using open-source software and it has a user interface that can be changed via both Admin Panels and Source codes. The complete documentation with installation instructions and editing suggestions is available for our customers. Furthermore, we offer 👉 WordPress support 👈 services for your business. Our staff is qualified and will help you resolve any problem.

How do I create a custom WordPress site?

So you are interested in a custom WordPress theme and website. 👉 Contact us 👈 and we can develop a professional WordPress website.

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