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Are you considering hiring a professional WordPress maintenance service? Do you want someone who can regularly maintain and update your site? We can give you 11 benefits to prove to you that it’s so worth it.

Professional WordPress Maintenance services

Professional WordPress Maintenance services can help to keep your site running smoothly. They will take care of everything from A to Z weekly, biweekly, or once a month, depending on your preference.

WordPress developers know how to best maintain your site, update it and keep it secure. They are tech-savvy and understand how to best navigate the WordPress landscape. This way they can keep everything working properly. Some other benefits of professional maintenance services include log monitoring to prevent unwanted changes. Along with improving UX/UI during maintenance tasks. Let’s dive into the other benefits below.

What is a WordPress maintenance service?

There may be various tasks required after creating a WordPress site. Some of these tasks include improving performance, security, or quality of services. WordPress websites need them constantly, and this is where maintenance services come in.

Website maintenance services can be time intensive because it involves a variety of tasks. Some of these WordPress maintenance service tasks include updating WordPress core, updating plugins, creating backups, and more.

Why you should hire a dedicated service to carry out Professional WordPress Website Maintenance?

A big reason to hire a dedicated service to 👉 maintain your WordPress site 👈 is to protect your initial web development investment. After you have spent a pretty penny on custom development services. You do not want to lose your site to hackers because your site wasn’t properly maintained.

You don’t want a security breach to destroy your site and force you to essentially start over. It’s better to routinely invest in maintenance services than to rebuild a broken site.

Plus, if you hire maintenance services you do not have to waste time doing it yourself. If you are a business owner, you can focus on your business. Also, if you are not particularly tech-savvy you may do your website more harm than good by not hiring a maintenance service.

Are professional WordPress maintenance services worth the money?

The short answer is yes! Professional website maintenance services are worth every penny. There are a few reasons why:

  1. When you hire professionals to run maintenance services on your site, you save yourself valuable time that could be put to use elsewhere.
  2. Regular maintenance services that are done one week, biweekly, or once a month prevent a build-up of issues. These issues can later on become big problems. Plus it’s less expensive to fix a few minor issues, than several major ones.
  3. Big problems cost more time and money to fix than regular maintenance services.
  4. It is more expensive to have to rebuild your entire WordPress site from zero, than pay for maintenance services every month for a year.

So the actual 👉 price of WordPress maintenance services 👈 is not as high when we break it down as we just did up above.

11 benefits of professional WordPress maintenance

There are a number of benefits when hiring a professional WordPress website maintenance service. Some of them include ongoing log monitoring, QA testing, regular backups, and more. Plus the basic 👉 WordPress maintenance tasks 👈 are taken care of such as WordPress core updates and plugin updates. Another big benefit is you have a more secure WordPress site due to constant monitoring and security patching. Let’s explore these benefits more closely below.

We take care of the basics: WordPress updates, plugin updates, and backups

Keeping WordPress running is probably one of the most crucial website maintenance tasks. The update to WordPress core will correct security issues so it’s important to apply them as soon as they pop up. Also updating the software may change the working of the software. In most cases for the better. An example of this is a new WordPress dashboard.

Like the WordPress core update, the plugin update is either small or large, ranging from small bugs to fixing new features. This is necessary because it is possible to correct security problems when it comes to the product’s availability. Nevertheless, as with the WordPress base, plugin updates might pose some issues. Often a professional WordPress maintenance service will opt to use local testing sites. This is in order to give developers time to fix problems before taking the updates to production. Also, if necessary they will use backups to restore your site to a previous version.

A backup allows you to revert to its previous state if a WordPress update goes wrong. Backup files will be extremely useful in an emergency in case you get hit. When you accidentally delete an item, you will feel great knowing that the file was recently backed up. A minimum daily backup will ensure re-upholstery. This way you can always bring your website back to its original state before any major changes. It’s easier and less expensive to bring your website back via a backup than rebuilding it using professional development services.

WP tech support monitoring logs

Log monitoring

A WordPress log records and tracks all user activity on the website. Sometimes this is called an audit log. Developers will monitor this log to keep track of any unwanted or problematic changes. These changes can occur on different site elements such as:

  • content
  • user profiles
  • website settings
  • and system modifications.

When developers observe this log they can quickly troubleshoot any errors. Plus it gives them more control over website workflow. Some other reasons why log monitoring is important are:

  1. You improve the security of your website because any suspicious activity can be resolved instantly. Also, any malware removal can be a lot faster.
  2. Know more about user activity and hold them accountable for certain actions
  3. Helps with debugging because sometimes human error can create changes that will make your website more vulnerable. Knowing who did it and how it happened, can lead to a quick resolution.

This is why log monitoring is part of any professional WordPress maintenance service and makes it worth it. You want someone who knows what to look for and reacts at the snap of a finger to save your site.

All changes are made on a staging environment

A big benefit of website maintenance services is that developers use a staging site. On the staging site, they will carry out maintenance services and any updates. Once they set up all the new updates and new features on a staging site they test it. After they test it and fix any errors, they can then move everything over to a production environment.

You may wonder so what? What’s the big deal in using a staging environment?

Well, by running maintenance and updates on a staging site, we reduce the downtime of your website. So your website can continue to run smoothly, while developers work. Also, if any update were to crash your site, we have a backup to restore everything to its original state.

This is a safer and more secure way to run updates and maintenance services than doing it on production. Because when you save everything on a production environment and something crashes, it’s a lot more work. Plus it’s more downtime meaning your website is not making you any money.

QA Testing

Here at Acclaim, after we implement any maintenance services we have a QA tester that will sit down and click through your whole site. They will make sure that every little thing on your WordPress site works properly. If they catch any errors, then they send them back to our developers to fix.

This way once everything is finished, you do not have to worry that we missed something. Or that something is not going to work. We double-check our work, to make sure that you get a site that’s in top shape.

WordPress website is monitored to prevent downtime

Prevent extensive downtime

No matter what time of day or night, it is crucial to keep your website running. Any downtime can impact your business. Also, if your website is down when a user tries to visit your site, it can ruin your business reputation. The longer it is down, the more users you lose. And this can directly affect the amount of revenue you make.

There are a few ways that professional maintenance services can help prevent downtime:

  1. Switch your site to a good web hosting service. Here at Acclaim we always recommend to our customers 👉 Cloudways 👈, mainly because it was built for WordPress sites.
  2. Boost your website security using WordPress plugins such as WordFence. Plus updating any PHP errors or adding additional code to boost that security.
  3. Backup your site daily to be able to restore your site quickly in case it crashes
  4. Monitor logs to catch errors. Catching errors and removing them as soon as they happen can prevent downtime.

Gain uncompromised security

When you invest in WordPress website maintenance you gain uncompromised security. WordPress developers will regularly update and maintain your website to prevent any hacking or other security breaches.

They will also install plugins or build additional code to try and keep your site safe from malware. They may also install a plugin that will scan your website in the background to detect any malware. This way they can remove it as quickly as possible.

Improved UX/UI

Regular WordPress maintenance can also 👉 improve the UX/UI of your site 👈. When running any updates, there is always a risk that something visually can be damaged. So when WordPress developers are running maintenance tasks they will fix these errors as they come up.

For example, on your site, you may have blue frames around your images and after an update, they disappear. Our developers can bring back this feature to make sure that your website visually still looks the way you want it to.

Another thing that our developers can fix during maintenance services is the functionality of various elements. They can improve your contact forms after updating the plugin. So that customers can contact you.

WordPress site is compatible with newest operating system

Compatibility with the newest browser version, newest WordPress, newest plugins, etc.

Maintenance services allow not only your website to run smoothly but also to be compatible. When we update to the newest WordPress version we ensure that it’s compatible with the latest browser versions. Meaning that your site will be visible on various search engines. Also, when a user clicks on your website link, it will actually work properly and open.

Also, when you update WordPress core, you allow yourself to gain access to the newest plugins in the library. This way you can add new features and integrate new third-party applications with ease.

Additionally, when you maintain and update plugins you are also ensuring that you are gaining the newest features. Plus an added security patch. You also gain more security in the case of updating WordPress.

Secure server website crash protection

There have been cases where a WordPress site has crashed but is still working. It may show various errors or visually not look that great. But it still works to some extent and users still can use it.

Professional WordPress maintenance services can help prevent these situations from happening. Developers can install a security plugin to try and keep your site healthy. Plus they can constantly monitor your site to prevent website crashes.

Businessman looking over invoices and not wasting time on WordPress maintenance services

More time for your business

If you are a business owner, your time is precious. So when you are using your time to maintain your website it may not be the best use of it. While your website is like your virtual business card, as a business owner it’s better for you to hire a tech expert to maintain it for you.

When you hire professional maintenance services they will handle your WordPress site. They will ensure that your website is running smoothly, giving you more time to focus on your growing your business.

Page speed & SEO optimization to overtake competitors

Optimizing WordPress websites to be faster is a crucial task in WordPress ongoing maintenance and development. Speed on pages can be very crucial to Google’s search ranking of your WordPress website.

The increase in website speed is due to content optimization and code development. The optimization process does improve the loading time for websites. Loading time is important in terms of good user experience. Users tend to leave slow-loading sites, this is known as the bounce rate. You want to minimize that bounce rate by keeping users on your site as long as possible. One step toward that is a fast-loading website. Plus it will increase your rank on Google.

WordPress developers can test the speed of your website for free on tools such as:

They will analyze the results to get a better idea of what elements need to be fixed to improve the performance of your WordPress website.

Scrum board for developers working on WordPress maintenance

Professional WordPress Maintenance services vs. WordPress Website care plans

When creating a website care plan, maintenance services should be an integral part of that plan. Many website care plans are typically a larger package. This package includes maintenance services along with some other valuable services.

When looking at maintenance services, you gain tasks related to security updates & plugin updates. Along with performance optimization. With a care plan, you will also gain backup creation, uptime monitoring, and more. Website Care Plans that include website maintenance provide an excellent solution for keeping your WordPress website running smoothly.

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TL;DR Summary of the benefits of professional WordPress maintenance services

Let’s do a quick wrap-up of the 11 benefits of using professional WordPress maintenance services:

  • They take care of the basics: WordPress updates, plugin updates, and backups
  • Log monitoring
  • All changes are made on a staging environment
  • QA Testing
  • Prevent extensive downtime
  • Gain uncompromised security
  • Improved UX/UI
  • Compatibility with the newest browser version, newest WordPress, newest plugins, etc.
  • Website crash protection
  • More time for your business
  • Page speed & SEO optimization to overtake competitors

Now if these benefits make Professional WordPress maintenance services worth it to you. If you want to know even more, 👉 drop us a line 👈. Let’s have a free no obligation chat and see if we can create a WordPress website care plan for you that involves maintenance services.

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