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Chances are you heard people talking about Jamstack websites. Are you wondering what the hype is all about? Well, let me explain the buzz behind Jamstack websites.

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Jamstack websites are becoming the standard in website building. Jamstack offers many solutions to the problems of existing traditional websites. Jamstack websites offer fast-loading, secure, and user-friendly web pages 💻.

What is Jamstack?

So you are probably wondering what Jamstack is? Firstly, JAM stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. Now, all three of these technologies are fairly common. There is nothing innovative about them as singular technologies. The way these three technologies combine provide a modern way to build our websites.

Jamstack websites are based on two main notions. The first key notion is pre-rendering. Pre-rendering creates a view for your user before it is requested. Jamstack uses static webpages that have HTML codes ready to go. The HTML codes are not waiting to be activated by user request. The second key notion is decoupling or separating. This notion allows us to separate various services. Each individual service is easy to maintain or swap out for something different.

Jamstack websites – what makes them special?

Jamstack websites move away from the traditional client-server process. The client-server process can be found on WordPress. These innovative Jamstack websites have a faster loading time than other sites. They load faster because they do not have to wait for server and database processing. Jamstack websites simplify the development process for developers. It is simpler because they only manage a few moving parts. Jamstack for an initial investment may be more expensive, but in the long run it will save you money.

Jamstack websites are also a big upgrade for those who are consuming your online content. Your audience will not have to wait for a landing page to load for a long time. Why is that? You may ask. Jamstack has pre-rendered static pages. These pages are ready to go before they are even requested.

Why use Jamstack architecture?

Jamstack architecture is a new website development practice. This development practice removes the use of many interdependent parts. Additionally, this type of architecture removes the dependency on hosting. This is revolutionary because it makes your website faster and more secure. Jamstack architecture does not use servers. This aspect gives less access to hackers.

Another great reason to use Jamstack is if your website or e-commerce store has a lot of traffic. Jamstack offers cache into a content delivery network. Everything enters into a content delivery network, streamlines that entire process. The process is more streamlined while still providing incredible load capacity.


Jamstack website – best use cases

So you are probably wondering, when is the best time to use a Jamstack website. Here are three best times to use Jamstack architecture:

  • E-commerce stores
  • Web applications
  • Websites

Advantages of Jamstack websites

Let’s discuss what has been on everyone’s mind, which is the top 5 benefits of using Jamstack to build a website.

1. Positive developer experience

Most developers want to work with the newest technologies. Jamstack is a new practice that is readily available for website development. Building a website on Jamstack is more user-friendly for developers. Jamstack architecture is based on available tools and conventions.

Developers who create websites using Jamstack do not have to learn new technologies. They do not have to learn niche technologies and frameworks, when using Jamstack. Our developers are eager to build websites on Jamstack because they can do so quickly & effectively.

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2. Websites built on Jamstack are great for Search Engine Optimization

Jamstack websites load quickly and efficiently 🔥. When it comes to Google, you want an easy & fast loading website. This type of website will earn a top ranked spot on Google. A top-ranked spot, which in turn offers you more traffic on your webpage. Furthermore, Jamstack gives you full control over how & where you place your content. Jamstack allows you to add page titles, meta descriptions, alt texts and so much more. All these details will boost your visibility on search engines.

Jamstack websites SEO friendly

3. JAMstack can handle high traffic

Popular websites that encounter heavy traffic or a large volume of users struggle to maintain rapidly loading pages. A traditional route on most web pages to minimize the effect of high traffic on a traditional website is by caching pages.

Jamstack websites are ready for high traffic without any additional work from developers. These websites use CDN (Content Delivery Network). A CDN makes your website faster. How does it do this? A content delivery network is a system of servers that supplies content to your audience worldwide by setting up endpoints as close to those geographical locations as possible.

So for example, if your website server is based in the United States, but someone from the UK is trying to access it. The UK user can do this much faster, because the content is being generated from the endpoint, that is nearest to his or hers geographical location.

Additionally, for a Jamstack website to function properly, it also needs CI / CD processing or deployment. The CI / CD process or deployment will send the webpage to the server. For our CI / CD process or deployment, we like to use providers such as Vercel or Netfility.

Vercel and Netfility ensures an easy flowing website developer experience. These two providers have the task of unifying all elements that are de-coupled on the Jamstack architecture.

4. Jamstack websites are portable & easy to maintain

As previously mentioned, Jamstack websites are built on static pages. Static pages tend to weight less than your traditional webpages. Due to the fact that static pages weight less, chances are you will pay less for hosting.

Additionally, static pages are much easier to transfer to a different host. Also, static pages are easier to change. Along with Jamstack webpages being portable, they are easy to maintain.

Jamstack websites, unlike their traditional counterparts, do not require 24 / 7 maintenance. A Jamstack site does not require one of our developers to monitor it all the time. Jamstack practically eliminates server patches, maintenance and updates.

5. Jamstack provides high security

Jamstack, unlike traditional websites, work with fewer moving parts. As a result, it is less likely to struggle with security flaws and vulnerabilities.

Jamstack does not connect with servers or databases because all files are pre-generated and ready to go for the user.

The fact that Jamstack websites do not have an active connection to servers and databases, eliminates the possibility of hacking. Limiting the possibility of hacking makes these websites more secure 🔒.

Additionally, Jamstack websites do not need to have current connection to the database because all files are generated in a pipeline (CI / CD).

Jamstack high security websites

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If you want to find out more about having your own Jamstack website, we welcome you to 👉 contact us 👈 and book a meeting.

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