How to reduce the size of an SVG file in 5 steps

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Learn how to reduce SVG file size in 5 simple steps. Check out our tutorial and optimize your images with just a few clicks.

SGV file

Step-by-Step instructions how to reduce SVG file size

SVG files are great for web graphics because they can be scaled up or down without any quality loss. That’s why it’s really important to optimize them before uploading them to a website. When you export an SVG file from a design app like Figma, the SVG is a big size. The main reason for this is that SVG files can contain a lot of information.

In this snippet, I will show you how to decrease this size as much as possible.

1. Export SVG file from the design app
2. Open Adobe Illustrator
3. Watch the video below, and follow these steps 👇

SVG file edition in Adobe Illustrator

4. Go to and drop your SVG file
5. Set other settings if you need
6. Download minified icon 🎉

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