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Acclaim/WordPress Development/Figma to WordPress conversion service

Do you want to convert your Figma designs and prototypes into a fully functional responsive website?

Acclaim offers a high-quality Figma to WP service that will breathe life into your design.

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PSD or Sketch or Adobe XD or Figma to WordPress custom theme
Figma to WordPress Service

Turning your Figma design into a fully functional website

Whether it is because you don’t have time to code yourself, don’t know how to code, or you don’t trust your technical expertise enough to create a fully functional WordPress website, you’ll find our Figma to WordPress conversion service extremely useful.

Done by a team of experts following industry standards

We have a highly specialized team with years of experience developing WordPress websites for clients all over the world.

Going through our prolific portfolio showing some of our best work will convince you of the high-quality, responsiveness, and perfection of our services.

We offer conversions to WordPress because:

  • it is one of the most popular platforms that allows flexibility
  • it is easy to manage and update by non-technical people.

Many designers and business owners are allergic to coding and software development, and WordPress is the perfect platform for them. Our custom-coded WordPress website will be easy to manage and update in line with the changing client’s needs

WordPress Support

Flexible support packages

Our clients are business owners and entrepreneurs, and we recognize that the business world is highly volatile and things can change quickly. As such, business managers and entrepreneurs need to constantly update their website and keep up with the changes if they want their business to thrive.

And we don’t want to leave our clients on their own, and that’s why we offer multiple support packages, which includes constant updates and maintenance – you can use the support package that best suits your needs.

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Why us?

Extensive experience

Acclaim is comprised of an experienced team with diverse skills from web development, design, testing, optimization, and much more. With clients from the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, and much more, you can be sure we’ll bring expertise and experience to the table.


Projects completed


Countries we’ve been working with so far


Commits on our workflow repo


Years of experience

Key Features

What makes us different?

Mobile First (RWD) Coding

Mobile-first coded, fully responsive

Semantic Code

Inclusive of semantic source code

Principles of SEO

Built on the principles of SEO

Fast Loading Website

Ultra-fast loading

Website matched to design source

Perfectly matched to visuals

Well Described Code

Well-described code, easy to upgrade

Website Optimization

Tested in GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights

Cross Browser Test

Displayed correctly in all of the latest browsers

Graphic GuideLines

Files format we support

Figma logo

(Download sample)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop
(Download sample)

Adobe XD

Adobe XD
(Download sample)

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator
we don’t recommend


(Download sample)

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign
we don’t recommend

Browsers Support

Cross-browser compatibility

Your website will be fully functional across all major browsers, ensuring ease of use and accessibility


>= 8X


>= 8X


>= 14


>= 14

Internet Explorer

No more


Approach to Figma to WP Conversion

Acclaim uses a methodological time-proven approach to Figma to WordPress conversions – it ensures timely delivery and high quality

1 First

Estimate & Quote

Due to the varying complexities of clients’ prototypes & designs and their goals and sectors, it is really hard to give a concrete price and deadline for the conversion Acclaim offers.

That’s why we need to look at the design first, talk about the client’s goals, and iron out the details before proceeding with development.

This approach minimizes errors and misunderstandings.

2 Second


We then proceed to code the WordPress website using coding best practices and guidelines for good web development set out by the WordPress community and foundation.

3 Third

Testing, Optimization & Delivery

We at Acclaim hold ourselves to the highest standards, and that’s why we find testing and optimization paramount.

That’s why we do adequate testing and optimization before delivering the final product to our client – making sure it meets the speed and technical standards set out by Google and other search engines.


The technologies we use

After you’ve finished creating a detailed mock-up of your vision with your team in Figma, you need an agency that uses the latest reliable technology available to convert it into a functional, bug-free, responsive website. This is what makes Acclaim right for your project!

From the programming languages (HTML5, CSS3, PHP7, JavaScript ES6+) to the front end libraries (React.JS and Angular 10) we make use of a stack created purely from the latest technologies available.

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Technologies that we use
Recent Projects

Bespoke WordPress websites built based on the design delivered by our clients

We’ve worked with agencies and single clients all over the world creating bespoke WordPress themes based on the designs delivered by our customers

Bank of Mom
  • Loading Speed 0.5s
  • PageSpeed Score A(97%)

A simple and elegant website for Canada’s BC government. All forms are integrated with Spark CRM. Everything’s based on a dedicated WordPress theme.

Jowita Emberton
  • Loading Speed 0.8s
  • PageSpeed Score A(99%)

A portfolio website based on an amazing design by Jowita Emberton, an expert UI/UX Designer. For Jowita, we’ve developed a completely bespoke WordPress website.

Malerbetrieb Kluge
  • Loading Speed 0.9s
  • PageSpeed Score A(92%)

A website designed for a German team of painters. It boasts several cool features, such as a mouse animated Hero Section on the homepage, fade in / out animations, lazy-loaded images, counters, and more. The entire project was based on a dedicated WordPress theme.

  • Loading Speed 1.1s
  • PageSpeed Score B(89%)

Website for a German Control Room Technology and Monitoring Systems Event. The project was conceived with a cosmic theme in mind. It uses some interesting features, such as dedicated GSAP animations, lazyloaded images, counters, advanced sign-up forms, and many more. The project was based on a dedicated WordPress theme.

Track Progress

Keeping track of the project

We understand that our clients want to be constantly up to date with the state of the project, and that’s why we offer two primary ways that allow them to be as involved as they see fit:


Acclaim’s Staging platform

We have our own staging platform where we deploy all the updates we make to each project – it works amazingly to keep our clients updated.



We can also add you to the GitLab repository where you’ll be able to see each commit and get more involved in the project – this is a great example for technical-minded people.


Frequently asked questions about Figma to WordPress conversion

WordPress is really beginner-friendly CMS, and it offers amazing choices for extensibility and easy upgrades, and this means it is future-proof as well.

But if you really don’t want to use the CMS, we also offer conversion to raw HTML and CSS.

It depends on the complexity of the project, but you usually will have the website in your hand in less than 4-6 weeks.

Acclaim also supports conversion from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketch and other design apps. Contact us and we’ll discuss your project further.

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