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We also can convert your Adobe XD or Figma project

With our help, you can have your own custom-made, smarly coded WordPress website. You can count on us to deliver all our work on time and within the established budget.

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PSD or Sketch or Adobe XD or Figma to WordPress custom theme
PSD to WordPress conversion

Matching your design to a tee, our WordPress websites are well-made and excellently coded

  1. Want to bring your design to life?
  2. Have you always had a design and didn’t have the expertise to turn it into a functioning website?
  3. Are you worried because of all the bad things you hear about PSD-to-WordPress conversion services?
  4. Perhaps you are looking for a company that will develop a website for you using cutting-edge technology and the best practices available?

Acclaim to the rescue!

Based in Poland, we are a team of professional developers who have the vision of creating functional, high-quality WordPress websites from ready-made designs. No matter how simple or complex your design may be, contact us and we’ll help you turn it into a fully functional website, including robust features like animations and effects.

WordPress is one of the most versatile platforms out there and it is excellent for people who don’t have much in the way of technical expertise. The WordPress website we’ll create for you will come with all the necessary plugins, templates, and widgets. You’ll be able to start creating content for your website the minute we hand the finished project back to you.

A WordPress-based website will let you manage your website quickly. The CMS offers a highly intuitive interface where you can fine-tune your website and change the settings to your heart’s content.

Most designers are averse to code, which is why we develop websites in such a way that you won’t have to see one line of code while maintaining it. You’ll be able to easily and efficiently push out content through the interface and watch your website thrive.

WordPress Support

Ensure maximum security for your WordPress-based website

WordPress development is one thing, but making sure that your website is always safe and updated with the latest security measures is quite another issue entirely. Luckily, we can handle that for you as well!

Our team members are highly qualified in all things related to WordPress, including site maintenance. With their help, you’ll never have to worry about issues related to compatibility or downtime.

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Why us?

Years of experience

When it comes to PSD-to-WordPress conversion, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more reliable team than us. We’ve helped countless businesses with their websites and no project has proved too complex or overwhelming for us.


Projects completed


Countries we’ve been working with so far


Commits on our workflow repo


Years of experience

Key Features

What makes us different?

Mobile First (RWD) Coding

Mobile-first coded, fully responsive

Semantic Code

Inclusive of semantic source code

Principles of SEO

Built on the principles of SEO

Fast Loading Website

Ultra-fast loading

Website matched to design source

Perfectly matched to visuals

Well Described Code

Well-described code, easy to upgrade

Website Optimization

Tested in GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights

Cross Browser Test

Displayed correctly in all of the latest browsers

Graphic GuideLines

Files format we support

Figma logo

(Download sample)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop
(Download sample)

Adobe XD

Adobe XD
(Download sample)

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator
we don’t recommend


(Download sample)

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign
we don’t recommend

Browsers Support

Cross-browser compatibility

Your website will be fully functional across all major browsers, ensuring ease of use and accessibility


>= 8X


>= 8X


>= 14


>= 14

Internet Explorer

No more


Our Approach

We’ve spent 14 years working in this industry from simple to complex projects all over the world. Our experience has helped us develop an approach that both minimizes misunderstandings and ensures that

1 First


Provide us with the necessary design files or have us create the UI/UX design and let us know what your requirements are.

2 Second

Estimate & Quote

First, we’ll ask you for as much b about your project that you can provide us with. This will allow us to give you an accurate estimate regarding the deadline and complexity of the project. Thanks to this, we can avoid misunderstandings and make sure that your PSD-to-Wordpress conversion goes smoothly.

3 Third


Once the details have been determined, we can commence with production. The first step is analyzing various aspects of your project. Using that as our basis, we later decide on the technologies and techniques we’ll be using to develop your WordPress platform. Regardless of who your website’s target is, we’ll make certain that it will appeal to them with a natural and intuitive design.

4 Fourth

Testing & Optimization

We go over the code and make sure it is understandable and well-documented. We extensively test each page to make sure it is bug-free and fully functional. We’ll only deliver the project to you once we’ve decided that it meets our high standards.

5 Fifth


Your new website is ready and delivered to you at the previously established time (or even sooner).


The technologies we use

We recognize that our clients want software solutions that work for years to come without going obsolete, and that’s why we ensure we use only the latest, most reliable tools and technologies out there to convert PSD designs to WordPress sites.

The technologies we use include, but are not limited to, HTML5, CSS3 with SASS, JavaScript ECMAScript 6+, React JS, PHP 7.3, MySQL, and much more. You can be sure your theme will be converted into a responsive website that uses the latest tech.

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Technologies that we use
Recent Projects

Bespoke WordPress websites built on the basis of designs provided to us by clients

We’ve worked with agencies and individual clients all over the world, creating bespoke WordPress themes based on the designs provided by our customers.

Bank of Mom
  • Loading Speed 0.5s
  • PageSpeed Score A(97%)

A simple and elegant website for Canada’s BC government. All forms are integrated with Spark CRM. Everything’s based on a dedicated WordPress theme.

Jowita Emberton
  • Loading Speed 0.8s
  • PageSpeed Score A(99%)

A portfolio website based on an amazing design by Jowita Emberton, an expert UI/UX Designer. For Jowita, we’ve developed a completely bespoke WordPress website.

Malerbetrieb Kluge
  • Loading Speed 0.9s
  • PageSpeed Score A(92%)

A website designed for a German team of painters. It boasts several cool features, such as a mouse animated Hero Section on the homepage, fade in / out animations, lazy-loaded images, counters, and more. The entire project was based on a dedicated WordPress theme.

  • Loading Speed 1.1s
  • PageSpeed Score B(89%)

Website for a German Control Room Technology and Monitoring Systems Event. The project was conceived with a cosmic theme in mind. It uses some interesting features, such as dedicated GSAP animations, lazyloaded images, counters, advanced sign-up forms, and many more. The project was based on a dedicated WordPress theme.

Track Progress

Want to keep track of the details of your project?

While we’ve laid out our plan on how we’ll turn your PSD to a WordPress website, we realize that waiting for a project to finish can be anxiety-inducing. That’s why we’ve come up with two WordPress development approaches that’ll help you easily keep track of how your project is going and relax knowing everything is on track:



We own our own staging environment, which we update frequently. You’ll be able to visit the site, log in, and learn how far your project has come along.



Some people want more information and desire to see how we work and what we work on, and we respect that. That’s why we offer to add you to our GitLab project repository, where you can see our commits, our code, and our methodology. You’ll know about the smallest details concerning your PSD to WordPress operation.


Frequently asked questions about PSD to WordPress conversion

Our approach ensures that our client is as involved as much as they want to be. If you want control over every single detail related to your project, we offer adding you to our GitLab.

However, if you don’t want to be involved and just want us to contact you when the project is finished, we’ll also be happy to do business with you. Before the project even starts, we’ll give you a quote for the price and a deadline for the project’s completion, and you can rest assured we’ll deliver on it.

Our clients prefer many different types of designing software, and we try our best to support all of them. That’s why, at the moment, we support Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch, Illustrator and, InDesign.

Yes, we can take care of installing and configuring websites on a server.


Yes, we have our very own in-house design team that takes care of designs if you don’t have your own. Aside from that, we offer WordPress Support, ASAP Front-End or Back-End development, and a plethora of other services.

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